WWE released Bray Wyatt from his contract and they handed down the time-tested reason of “budgets cuts.” This doesn’t hold water with a lot of people.

Wyatt was killing it in the merchandise department. His name was slapped on an piece of memorabilia, and that shocked the company’s third party partners as well. Needless to say, Wyatt’s release was a surprise all around. He was just cleared for a return after being on the inactive list for a medical issue as Ringside News exclusively reported.

During his Pro Wrestling 4 Life podcast, X-Pac opened up about Bray Wyatt’s WWE release and how he doesn’t buy the “budget cuts” logic in this case.

“I don’t know man. There must be more to the story than anyone knows. There doesn’t have to be, but it seems there might be because it doesn’t make any sense. I mean, I guess maybe if you’re strictly looking at it from the accounting books, profits and losses, ‘Okay, let’s get rid of anyone with a big fat downside guarantee.’ You’re really testing the goodwill of the people that support the product. I wasn’t around enough, so it’s hard for me. Obviously, he’s brilliant. On a personal level, I could tell you, he’s a great guy. People say that about a lot of people, and there’s a lot of great guys, great women out there. It’s weird.”

There is certainly more to this story, but nobody is talking right now. Perhaps, Bray Wyatt is set for an epic shoot interview in the future where he will tell all. We can only hope that a Talk Is Jericho episode is on the way. Until that time comes, all fans have to deal with is WWE’s word on the matter. Obviously, the company has done a lot of damage to their public perception in the last several months. This likely plays into why it’s so hard to believe that WWE axed Windham Rotunda due to budgetary reasons.

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