Malakai Black had his first match in AEW and it was a smashing success as he squashed Malakai Black in definitive fashion. That led to Black taking out Cody as it appeared he was going to retire.

Brandi Rhodes was very upset about how things went down. It all went according to plan, and Malakai Black had his own vision for how he pictured his entry into All Elite Wrestling.

While speaking to Pro Wrestling 4 Life, Malakai Black discussed the process of pitching his first program in AEW. Tony Khan apparently loved the idea and then it played out as we saw it at Homecoming.

“I told Tony [Khan], ‘Look, I’ve got this idea. This is how I view it. What do you think? Tony was like, ‘I love it. I love everything about it.’ He was confident enough to give me a shot at it. Clearly, I owe a lot to Cody, and Cody and me think very much alike in a lot of things, which is very pleasant.”

“I laid out what I wanted to do, and they both really thought, ‘this is cool,’ and it worked. At the end of the day, obviously, I still work for someone else, and I still have to get their opinion. I have to get their clearance, and luckily, I got clearance, and everything that me and him did played out exactly the way I envisioned in my head, and the payoff, it worked and it was crazy fun.”

“I remember when the bell rang and the fans did what they did, I was like, I’m not moving. I’m just standing. We don’t need to move. We can just stay here, and it was a good moment, not just for wrestling, but it was a good moment for my career. It was good validation as to understanding what you do and making it work.”

We can only imagine how plans might have changed if that idea was pitched at Black’s previous company. He was stuck in a loop of bad creative and rejected plans far too many time. When it comes to what’s next, Malakai Black stated very clearly. “Stick around and see, I don’t know. The beauty of wrestling is that eventually stuff pays off.” That is also a mantra that doesn’t hold much water in WWE.

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