Big E has been going through his own journey as a solo WWE superstar as A New Day had been on a hiatus. Now that more opportunities are popping up for the WWE Superstar, he seeks out-perform himself and take his character to new heights.

While being in an interview with Mike Jones on ALT 104.5 Philadelphia, WWE superstar Big E revealed he didn’t want his character to simply have a singles’ run and end up fizzling out. Instead, he wanted to retain the same energy he had as a part of The New Day.

I didn’t want to be the guy that, you know, oh, here’s a singles run and it kind of peters out. Or I don’t really do anything with it. Or I’m just a guy, just hanging out and doing segments. No, I took it seriously! I really wanted this run to still feel like me, to still have the levity that I love to bring to the ring and to what I do. But also this added layer of determination. Like, I am here because I have things that I want to accomplish!

With Big E having reached unbelievable heights and even having become Mr. Money In The Bank, it’s true that his singles’ run has to conclude at some time in the future.

As Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston came back to the ring on August 2nd without Big E, it seems a unification of the three is inevitable. It is just a matter of when does that happen.

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Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

Nitish Vashishtha

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