Mike Kanellis was released from WWE in 2020, and he’s not finished talking about the company. He recently went on a bit of a rant on Twitter about his former employer. He also answered back to some fans so he could set the record straight.

Kanellis sent out several tweets concerning WWE, the first of several called Vince McMahon “greedy” as he encouraged fans to watch all the pro wrestling they want.

I’m going to pick up my kids at daycare now. Here’s the last thing I’ll say. Watch all wrestling(especially @ringofhonor). Enjoy what you enjoy. I watch everything. I find plenty enjoyable at WWE. Some of my best friends still work there. However to deny that Vince is a greedy

In a now deleted tweet, Kanellis also said, “However to deny that Vince is a greedy evil man, is to live in denial. You can enjoy the WWE product and realize that Vince has become bad for wrestling. The fish rots at the head and for the past 40 years Vince has been at the top.”


Kanellis was also asked by a fan if he ever had a conversation with Vince McMahon. He then confirmed that they had five talks during his time with the company.

Yup. At least 5 I can recall and one time he had me wait outside his office for 2+ hours. Only to come out and tell me he didn’t have time. Why? Because everything is a game to him. He’s a child.

Another fan fired off a tweet at Kanellis where they called him a “bitter ass homie” while mentioning that WWE paid for his rehab. Kanellis had to remind this fan that he never went to rehab “No. The game is being so delusional you think it’s true.”

After having some fun with WWE fans for a bit, Kanellis posted an animated gif from the Truman Show while saying, “Ok guys, it’s been fun annoying the WWE cult(if you aren’t attacking my family over wrestling, this doesn’t apply to you) I’m gonna take a break for a bit. I love you all. Especially the ones who have stuck with me through the good and the bad. I seriously f*cking love you guys.”

We’ll have to see if Mike Kanellis changes his tune about WWE, but he doesn’t seem like the biggest Vince McMahon supporter at this point.

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