Vince McMahon has his own way that he wants things to go in the storylines that WWE presents, but there’s always a plan B. That doesn’t mean Vince McMahon will take that plan B idea and run with it, but he’s always open to discuss the possibilities.

Some people come down on Vince McMahon for the bad creative choices. There are also plenty of great moments that he is responsible for as well. Working in an environment like WWE can be a tricky place to maneuver. D-Von Dudley is a WWE producer and he understands that well.

D-Von Dudley recently spoke about the WWE creative process on Table Talk. He discussed Vince McMahon’s likelihood to accept new ideas. The WWE Hall of Famer also brought up how McMahon gets blamed for the bad when he doesn’t really get credit for the good things.

“You can (pitch a different idea). You still have a Plan B in hand and another plan that will make the match better than the original idea that he may have come up with. He’s open to that. Vince is not closed-minded to that. If he has an idea and he wants it to be shown on TV, but you come up with something better and he feels that way, he’ll use it. He’s open to that. He has no problem with that. He actually asked for that from his producers.”

“That won’t make news [that McMahon is open to changes]. ‘Vince is doing the right thing.’ Everybody wants to ‘down Vince.’ Sometimes, ‘I’m like goddamnit Vince, what the hell.’ Then there are other times I’m like, ‘Damn, Vince, that was good.’ You’ll never be able to satisfy everybody, no matter how good it is. You can have a million people love the pay-per-view and there will always be that one percent who is like ‘it sucked, it was horrible.’ So the idiot saying that because I didn’t go up to Vince McMahon and say something that I’m a horrible person and the match was horrible; that match was great. 15,000 people in the arena were chanting ‘this is awesome.’”

WWE programming is a mixed bag at times, so you never know what you can get. It is much easier for someone to complain than shovel on praise. Obviously, not all of the ideas are going to be winners, but Vince McMahon is also open to hearing that plan B idea just in case it pops him more.

What’s your take on the best booking decision Vince McMahon has ever made? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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