Otis and Mandy Rose had a bit of a romance going on WWE television, but Otis started things out by flirting a bit on social media. This was a way to mess with Mandy Rose’s real-life boyfriend at the time.

Mandy Rose is on NXT now and Otis is paired up with Chad Gable as a heel. They are very far apart when it comes to the storyline now, but there was a time when many fans were talking about their on-screen relationship.

While speaking to Wrestling Inc, Tucker revealed that those flirtatious social media messages were intended to get under Tino Sabatelli’s skin. It didn’t really work, but they still had a lot of fun with things.

“He just did it on social media. He’s the man. It was just a joke to mess with Mandy’s boyfriend at the time, Tino Sabatelli. I mean, not just to mess with him, but it’s like, ‘Hey, do you think if I do this thing on social media where I just ask Mandy to be my girlfriend all the time, that would be super cringy?’ And I’m like, ‘No, dude, that’d be pretty funny, I think.’ He just started doing it and talked to her, and she was like, ‘Oh, I like it. People are into it. Keep doing it. It’s funny,’ and so anytime she posts a pic, he just takes that picture and was like, ‘Oh, Doz’s future girlfriend’ and posts it right. It just started getting over and became a WrestleMania match. Take your shot, baby.”

Mandy Rose and Otis’ romantic angle was seemingly dropped as soon as they got together. We’ll have to see if they ever get back together on-screen, but it’s nice to knw some of the original intentions behind those first instances of flirting online.

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