Impact Wrestling’s Slammiversary pay-per-view is going down tonight and Ringside News has got you covered with live results coverage.

The main show will kick off at 8:00 PM and match by match coverage of the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any reactions from the show in the comment below. The card for tonight is as follows:

  • Impact World Championship No DQ Match: Kenny Omega (c) vs. Sami Callihan
  • X Division Championship Ultimate X Match: Josh Alexander (c) vs. Ace Austin vs. Rohit Raju vs. Trey Miguel vs. Petey Williams vs. Chris Bey
  • Impact Knockouts Championship: Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs. a mystery opponent
  • Impact World Tag Team Championship: Violent By Design (c) vs. Rich Swann and Willie Mack vs. TJP and Fallah Bahh vs. The Good Brothers
  • Knockouts Tag Team Championship: Fire N Flava (c) vs. Rosemary and Havok
  • Brian Myers and Tenille Dashwood vs. Matt Cardona and a mystery partner
  • Chris Sabin vs. Moose
  • Eddie Edwards vs. W. Morrissey

Kenny Omega and Don Callis are shown arriving through a personal entrance, while Sami Callihan enter through the front door, through the crowd.

Fans are in the building tonight, its not a huge crowd, but its a crowd nonetheless. Dave Penzer introduces our first match of the evening, its the Ultimate X Match! Trey Miguel is the first man to make his entrance, Ace Austin is out next, Mad Man Fulton has been banned from ringside. Petey Williams make his entrance, Rohit Raju is next, Chris Bey follows, and finally the Champion, Josh Alexander enters the match.


X Division Championship Ultimate X Match: Josh Alexander (c) vs. Ace Austin vs. Rohit Raju vs. Trey Miguel vs. Petey Williams vs. Chris Bey

Chaos ensure as all participants brawl to the outside. Bey is the first man to climb to Ultimate X ropes, Alexander pulls him down. The ring clears and Alexander hits a huge German. Williams tries to get to the ropes but misses, Rohit walks into a big boot from Alexander. Bey with a dropkick on Alexander, Bey with a suidice dive on Alexander. Williams hits an inside out hurricanrana, Miguel hits a DDT on the floor.

Austin tries to climb the ropes, Austin dives off onto all the men at ringside. Rohit gets some rope from under the ring, he tosses the rope up to the belt,(eventually)in the X and tries to climb, Williams stops him and hits a russian leg sweep, TKO, Bey hits a famasser on Willaims. Bey climbs up to the rope, Miguel follows, Bey hits a huricanrana on Miguel who then spears Williams. The huricanrana was slightly botched. Rohit now has a stick trying to unhook the belt, he clears house hitting everybody with the stick. Rohit now gets a chair, Climbs on the chair, and again tries to unhook the belt, Miguel hits a missile dropkick on Rohit.

Alexander climbs the ropes, Williams follows, Alexander fights him off, they both fall, Alexander is thrown out of the ring. Williams locks in a sharpshooter, Rohit locks in a crossface, Miguel taps out. Alexander climbs the ropes, Bey tries to get a huricanrana, Alexander catches him in an ankle lock from the Ultimate X. All men now have submissions on each other!

Austin clears the ring, Bey chases him up the ropes, Bey hits a cutter from the top rope on Austin who was on the X ropes! Williams hits the Canadian destroyer on Miguel, Williams climbs the X ropes, Alexander has Bey on his shoulders who grabs Williams and Williams hits a Canadian Destroyer from the X ropes! Alexander gets an ankle lock on Williams, then a hard forearm, hits the C4. Miguel and Alexander hit back and forth strikes. Rohit and Alexander hits a double team flatliner. Rohit hits a shining wizard.

Rohit climbs the X ropes, Miguel pulls him down. Alexander hits an exploder suplex from the top rope! Bey and Alexander climb opposite ends of the X ropes, they meet in the middle, Alexander hits chops, Bey grabs the belt, both men hold onto the belt, Austin tries to springboard to reach the belt but misses, Alexander fights Bey off the ropes and Bey goes crashing to the mat, Alexander holds the belt and wins the match!

WINNER: “And Still” X Division Champion, Josh Alexander!

Gionna Miller is outside of Omega’s locker room, Callis comes out and says its interesting Dreamers power has increased since he got fired. Suggests Dreamer is favouring Callihan with the No DQ stipulation. Says he doesn’t want the handsome face of Kenny to be scared by Callihan, Callihan may be a dangerous man but Omega is a god. “Sami do your worse, but you cant kick out of a One Winged Angel, and then my work in Impact Wrestling will be complete.”

Video package covering the Myers/Cardona feud. Brian Myers is the first man out, accompanied by San Beale. Tenille Dashwood enters next accompanied by Kaleb with a K. Matt Striker brings up the fact that Tenille Dashwood and Matt Cardona used to date. Matt Cardona is out next and introduces his mystery partner… Chelsea Green! Cardona’s fiancé, they kiss at the top of the ramp.

Brian Myers & Tenille Dashwood vs. Matt Cardona & Chelsea Green

Dashwood and Green slap each other and brawl. Myers and Cardona officially start the match. Myers hits a flatliner on the ramp. Myers plays to the crowd as he beats down Cardona. Dashwood and Kaleb beat down Cardona while the refs back is turned. Kaleb gets a selfie with a downed Cardona. Cardona hits a neckbreaker, Dashwood blocks Green from getting the tag.

Myers hits an Edgecution-style DDT, then Cardona hits a Spear! Green and Dashwood tag in, Green with a ripcord elbow, running knee, 2 count. Myers argues with Green, Dashwood hits a neckbreaker in the ropes. Dashwood hits a low blow on Cardona, who reveals he is wearing a cup! Cardona then puts his cup in Myers face, Green hits a destroyer on Myers! Green hits a low blow on Dashwood… then an Unprettier to get the win!

WINNER: Matt Cardona & Chelsea Green!

Cardona and Green celebrate in the ring.

Video packager for Eddie Edwards vs. W. Morrissey. W. Morrissey is the first man out for our next match. Eddie Edwards is out next. The crowd sings along with Edwards’ theme.

Eddie Edwards vs. W. Morrissey

Morrissey pushes Edwards to the corner, Edwards with chops, Morrissey hits a fall away slam. Morrissey chokes Edwards in the ropes, Edwards hits a back elbow, Morrissey hits a big boot, Edwards goes crashing out of the ring. Edwards throws Morrissey’s leg into the ring post. Morrissey drives Edwards into the apron. Morrissey with a big right hand, Edwards hits a neckbreaker into the ropes, Morrissey hits a shoulder block driving Edwards from the apron into the barricade.

Morrissey hits a big stomp in the middle of the ring. Morrissey hits heart blows in the ropes, Edwards hits a suplex. Morrissey with a back elbow, Edwards with chops, Morrissey driven out of the ring, Morrissey catches a suicide dive and hits a chokeslam on the apron! Morrissey drags Edwards up the ramp, Edwards hits a back body drop! Edwards hits a shining Wizard. The ref counts both men out, Edwards gets in at 4, Morrissey at 7. Morrissey hits an F5!

Edwards hits headbutts on the top rope, into a sunset flip powerbomb. Edwards hits a blue thunder bomb, 2 count! “That was 3!” the crowd chants. Morrissey pulls the ref in front of an Edwards attack, Morrissey hits the big boot, Edwards kicks out at 2! Morrissey with a jack knife pin, 2 count. Edwards drives Morrissey out of the ring. Morrissey pulls a chain out of his boots, he hits Edwards in the face while Edwards goes for a suicide dive, the ref doesnt see it. Morrissey hits a huge powerbomb and gets the 3!

WINNER: W. Morrissey!

Moose is backstage, says people make mistakes. Asking for a match against him is a mistake. Sabin, the consequence will be worse than a car wreck, worse than losing a mortgage. Sabin, tonight you face Mr Impact, the Wrestling God, tonight you face your consequences.

A painter is painting a canvas. the words “Drama King” are revealed! The former Aiden English!

An interview with an Impact superfan. Mad Man Fulton and Shera interrupt, they argue with the ref, Scoot D’Amore make his entrance. Says he is excited to see fans in the Impact Zone, asks if they are ready for action, says he ran into a couple of guys who are ready to throw some dukes, introduces FinJuice!

FinJuice vs. Mad Man Fulton & Shera

Shera and Juice start, Shera with a hard clothesline. Fulton tags in, Sheradoesnt look happy about that. Finlay tags in, double flapjack. Finlay dives onto Shera on the outside. FinJuice hit the Dudley Dog and get the win!

WINNER: FinJuice!

Video package for Chris Sabin vs. Moose. Moose makes his epic entrance first. Chris Sabin is out next.

Chris Sabin vs. Moose

Sabin with kicks to the leg, Moose catches him with an elbow in the corner, Sabin with a dropkick, Moose misses his own dropkick. dragon screw leg whip from Sabin, and another. Moose kicks Sabin out of the ring. Sabin slams Moose’s leg on the apron, slight timing issue. Moose catches a crossbody, Sabin pushes him to the corner, Moose with a right hand to the jaw.

Sabin with a huricanrana. another dragon screw. Sabin locks in a figure 4, ref gets a 2 count. Moose grabs the throat, picks him up, hits the snake eyes in the turnbuckle. Moose tosses him across the ring. On the floor, Moose hits huge chops while Sabin’s arms are restrained in the ropes. Another chop. Moose feigns a 3rd, Sabin fights out but Moose hits a dropkick.

Moose hits a rock bottom, fall away slam, kip up and misses a moonsault. Sabin with a kick on the apron, dives over the ropes and takes out Moose. Sabin hits a tornado DDT, 2 count. Moose jumps to the top rope and hits a fall away moonsault slam from the top rope! Sabin rolls out of the ring to avoid the pin. Chops back on forth on the outside, Sabin gets the upper hand. Moose hits a pop up powerbomb on the apron. Moose ragdolls Sabin into the barricade.

Sabin beats the count out at 9. Sabin gets a schoolboy, 2 count. sunset flip pin, 2 count. victory roll, 3 count!

WINNER: Chris Sabin!

Recap of the preshow match of Decay winning the Knockouts tag titles. Decay are backstage. Rosemary says how fitting it is that they shed blood to win the titles. They always keep their promise. “They say its better to burn out than fade away but sooner or later everything succumbs to Decay. “

Video package of the Impact World Tag titles. Rich Swann is the first man out with his partner, Willie Mack. Fallah Bahh is out next, his partner TJP isn’t here tonight so Impact asked him to find a new partner, Fallah Bahh said “No… No… No Way Jose!” No Way Jose comes out and brings a party out with him! His new name is apparently just “No Way”.

The Good Brothers are out next. The Champions, Rhino and Joe Doering, accompanied by Violent By Design are the final team out.

Impact World Tag Team Championship: Violent By Design (c) vs. Rich Swann & Willie Mack vs. Fallah Bahh & No Way vs. The Good Brothers

No Way starts with Swann, they shake hands. No Way gets a pin, 1 count. Both men block kicks, Anderson tags in, kick to the gut, No Way hits shoulder block. Bahh tags in, No Way with a clothesline, Bahh with an elbow. No Way tags in, leg drop to Anderson, 2 count. Mack tags in, elbow to Anderson, double slam, 2 count. Swann tags in, Anderson takes the advantae. Gallows tags in, clubbing blows in the corner.

Huge kick from Gallows, 2 count. Hammering elbows to Swann. Headlock, Big Boot from Gallows, 2 count. Anderson tags in, stomps to Swann. Swann whipped hard into the corner. Gallows with a running uppercut, Anderson with a rear chin lock, Gallows knocks Bahh off the apron, Gallows misses an elbow to Swann. Enziguri to Anderson, tags in No Way.

No Way clears out with clotheslines, hip toss, neckbreaker. No Way with a flatliner, 2 count. Anderson hits a spinebuster. Doering breaks up the pin, tags himself in, faces off with Gallows. Hard strikes back and forth, Chaos ensues as all teams jump into the ring, Bahh and Swann brawl in the ring, Swann with a superkick, clothesline in the corner, Bahh hits a samoan drop, Mack hits a jumping forearm and a samoan drop of his own. No Way hits a clothesline. Doering hits a Death Valley Driver on No Way. Doering goes for a cover, Sawnn makes the save.

Rhino tags in, calls for the Gore, Anderson hits the Gun Stun, Good Brothers hit the Magic Killer on Rhino and get the win!

WINNER: “And New” Impact World Tag Team Champions, the Good Brothers!

Backstage, Kenny Omega intensely stares into the camera.

A video package for the Knockouts Championship match. The Champion, Deonna Purrazzo makes her entrance. Her mystery opponent is… Thunder Rosa!!!

Impact Knockouts Championship: Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs. Thunder Rosa

Lock up to start, they are evenly matched. Another lock up, Rosa gets a headlock snapmare, cover, 1 count. Purrazzo fights out of a heel hook, both go for arm drags, Purrazzo gets a Gory Special, pinning combination, 1 count. Rose with a roll up, 2 count, Rose gets a drop toe hold into the ropes, hip attack, 2 count.

Purrazzo hits an elevated Divorce Court! Purrazzo locks in an octopus, Rose fights out in the corner. Purrazzo with stomps in the corner, Rosa with a missile dropkick, Rosa hits 2 clotheslines, double knees in the corner. Dropkick in the corner, 2 count. Purrazzo with a Russian leg sweep into an armbar, Rosa counters into a rear naked choke, Purrazzo back to the armbar. Purrazzo with an exploder, 2 count. Back into an armbar, Rosa fights out into a death valley driver, 2 count.

Rosa goes to the top, Purrazzo with a palm strike, Rosa with a headbutt, hits a double foot stomp, 2 count! Chops back and forth, forearms, Purrazzo with a pumpkick, Rosa with a buzzsaw kick, Purrazzo with a victory roll, 2 count. Purrazzo hits a boot to the face, into the Queen Gambit to get the victory!

WINNER: “And Still” Impact Knockouts Champion, Deonna Purrazzo!

Mickie James’ music hits! Mickie comes out with a microphone, Mickie says its good to be back in Impact. Crowd chants “Welcome Back!”, Deonna Purrazzo says this is her moment and her division, James says that is the reasons he is out here, lists off Purrazzo’s accomplishments. Says she has come for the best of the best, James invites Deonna Purrazzo to come to NWA Empower. Purrazzo says every company wants her on their show. Deonna Purrazzo tells Mickie to grab her trashbag and get the hell out of here. Mickie’s attacks Purrazzo and hits the Mick Kick!

Video package for our main event, Omega vs. Callihan. Sami Callihan is out first. Don Callis introduces the Impact World Champion, Kenny Omega. Dave Penzer does the official ring introductions. Don Callis does the introduction for Omega. Callis joins commentary.

Impact World Championship No DQ Match: Kenny Omega (c) vs. Sami Callihan

Callihan attacks right away, hits the piledriver! 2 count! Callihan throws a chair into the ring, throws a trashcan into the ring, Callihan sets up a chair, sits in it and locks in a chin lock. Callihan pulls out a fork, Omega blocks the fork, Omega with a boot, right hands, Callihan pulls out a pizza cutter and rakes it across Omegas head! Omega has been busted open!

Callihan rakes the cutter across Omega head again! The crowd chants one more time and Callihan obliges. Omega is almost vomiting in disgust. Omega with right hands, Callihan hits a death valley driver, Omega rolls to the outside. Callihan mocks Omega with the Terminator dive, Omega hits him with a chair. Omega hits Callihan with the trash can lid, Callihan asks for more.

Omega hits Callihan with a traffic sign. Omega sets up a trashcan on the ring post. Callihan with thumbs to the eyes, Omega hits a rolling slam, picks up the trashcan and hits a moonsault with the trashcan. Callihan kicks out at 1! Omega sets up a chair in the corner, Omega goes for the One Winged Angel, Callihan gets a rollup, Omega kicks out sending Callihan into the chair.

Callihan has been busted open, dripping blood on the mat. Omega gets the fork, jams it into Callihan’s head. Omega jams the fork in Callihan mouth! Omega shows the camera, blood is dripping from the fork… Callihan with chops on the outside, goes for a chop against the ring post, Omega moves, Callihan smashes his hand into the post.

Omega gets a table. hits a double stomp with the table on top of Callihan. Omega gets another table, sets it up at ringside. Omega goes for a snap dragon off the apron, Callihan bites his way out! Omega with a thumb to the eye, goes for a piledriver, Callihan grabs Omega’s junk and Callihan hits a piledriver through the table!

Callihan gets a wooden board and a trashcan which he throws right at Omega. Callihan sets up the board in the corner, hits Omega with the trashcan, beats Omegas head on the trashcan, Omega retaliates, Callihan hits a neckbreaker on the trashcan, Callihan hits a powerbomb through the board, 2 count! Callihan pulls out a hidden barb wired chair from under the ring steps,

Omega hits a leg lariat on the barbed wire chair, then a powerbomb on the chair and then a V Trigger, 2 count! Omega stacks the chair, trashcan and wooden board on top of each other. goes up top, bites Callihan and hits a superplex through all the weapons, Callihan kicks out at 2! Omega with another V Trigger, Callihan escapes the One Winged Angel, chop in the corner, hits a tombstone piledriver on the barbed wire chair, 2 count!

Callihan fires up, Omega looks scared at ringside. Omega throws powder in Callihan face! Callihan hits a piledriver on the ref, thinking it was Omega. Omega hits Callihan with the belt! Omega mocks Callihan and hits a piledriver, makes the cover, a second ref runs out but Callihan kicks out at 2! Omega attacks the second ref. The Good Brothers runs down but Sabin and Edwards fight them off!

Callihan hits the piledriver, Omega kicks out at 2! Callihan pulls out a bag of thumbtacks! Callihan dumps them on the mat, Callis runs from commentary and distracts Callihan, Omega throws tacks in Callihan’s face. Omega puts his knee in the tacks, loading up for the V Trigger, he hits it! 2 count! Omega puts tacks in Callihan mouth, hits another V Trigger! Omega hits the One Winged Angel on the tacks and Omega gets the 3!

WINNER: “And Still” Impact World Champion, Kenny Omega!

Omega celebrates with the Good Brothers and Don Callis. The lights go out… The Bullet Club’s music hits! Jay White is here! White circles the ring, faces down Omega. The Good Brothers offer the 2 Sweet… And Slammiversary goes off the air before we see what Jay Whites does. Not sure if that was a cliff hanger or a bad edit point…


Martin Dickinson

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