Taz has been in the pro wrestling game for a long time which is why so many respect him. The leader of Team Taz recently shared a photo with fans that has been lost in time, but it suddenly got a lot of attention in 2021.

The AEW star revealed that his first-ever photo shoot for pro wrestling took place in 1986. His aunt helped him get a discount at the photo studio, because she worked there. That slight discount aside, Taz still had to save up for a bit to afford the shots.

I don’t these were ever seen to public, my first ever photo shoot (Cambridge Studios, Queens NY). My aunt worked at the studio I got a slight discount, still had to save for a couple of weeks! Haha #KidKrush

Taz followed that up with a second tweet saying, “This was 1986 few weeks before my debut match.” He might have changed a lot over the years, but that passion for pro wrestling remains the same.

Kid Krush might be no more, but the man behind that moniker is still incredibly active in the pro wrestling business. This was quite a blast from the past and Taz’s fans were very happy that he shared.

What’s your take on AEW’s booking for Taz so far? Sound off in the comments!

H Jenkins

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