Marc Mero spent time in WWE and he was brought over from WCW because Vince McMahon liked the Johnny B Badd character. Then he brought Mero over to WWE and the rest is history.

Years later, Marc Mero can look back at his time in pro wrestling, especially how it ended. He has spoken out on many occasions about how steroids and drug abuse ruined so many lives and careers. Thankfully, he was able to pull himself out of the same type of problems.

While talking to the Such Good Shoot podcast, Mero discussed his comments about steroids and drugs and he said it helped WWE adopt a stricter policy. That was a good thing for the industry, but he believes those comments also harmed his relationship with WWE and caused him to be blackballed.

“When I spoke out against it, and obviously I’m vilified from wrestling and blackballed, and probably will never be invited to a WrestleMania, whatever,” Mero said. “But here’s the thing, guys. You’ve got to be proud of what you’re looking at in the mirror every day. Because of that, because of me and some other guys that stood up, now any wrestler that ever stepped foot in the WWE ring gets free drug and alcohol rehab.”

Marc Mero is now 60-years-old and has left the ring behind him. He will not stop speaking out about the dangers that steroids and drug abuse can bring, even if it cost him future opportunities with WWE. This is his side of the story and it is the only one we have until someone from WWE would like to clear things up.

Should Marc Mero get invited back to WWE for a legends night or Hall of Fame induction? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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