Penta is one of the most exciting members of the AEW roster and he consistently brings high quality matches to the table. Some people might not be 100% behind Penta’s style of pro wrestling, but he has an answer for them.

While speaking to RRBG Podcast, Penta discussed those critics of his style. He explained that the reason they don’t appreciate what he does in the ring comes from the fact that they cannot replicate what he is able to accomplish between the ropes.

“These people criticize it because they can’t do it. If they could, they would. So if there’s someone criticizing my style it’s because they don’t know how to do it or they can’t physically do it. So the easiest thing to do is criticize it. We respect their view if they don’t like it but I think for this business if you really want to be a star, you have to manage all the styles. Old school, aerial, aggressive. You can’t limit yourself with one style.”

“Like, ‘Oh no, I’m just old school. I only know 500 submissions and that’s all I do.’ So from my point of view, you are limiting yourself. They are limiting themselves by just doing submission and having no flying. A wrestler that is well prepared will do everything. I got into extreme wrestling because they made me. I did say I wanted to be extreme, but if you hit me with a pipe, then I’m hitting you with a bigger one. It wasn’t something I wanted, I never said I wanted to be an extreme wrestler, that style is very dangerous and I respect it a lot. The people that only do extreme wrestling, I respect them a lot because they are doing double and triple amount of damage to your body than normal. I like it, but not enough to do it every eight days. Our investment is our bodies, if we don’t take care of it, our careers are over.“


Penta will continue doing his thing in AEW and it is obviously working for him. Tony Khan is a big proponent of his as he continues getting booked in big matches.

The Lucha Bro will team up with Eddie Kingston tonight on Dynamite to take on The Young Bucks. If they are able to beat the AEW Tag Team Champions then they will get a shot at the Jackson Brothers’ titles. Obviously, Penta is focused on what is next for him and not paying much mind to those who try to tear him down.

What’s your take on AEW’s booking for Penta? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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