Miro made his debut in AEW last year and there were a lot of expectations from him as he had proven to be a great performer. Miro finally lived up to his potential after defeating Darby Allin for the TNT Championship. Since then he has been booked as a very strong champion.

Before AEW, Miro worked in WWE under the name of Rusev. During his time in WWE, Miro simply did not have a very memorable run for the majority of his time in the company.

While speaking on the Fangin N Bangin podcast, WWE legend Gangrel who trained Miro when he first came to the US, talked about Miro’s insane dedication to training while holding multiple jobs.

Gangrel revealed that besides training twice a day, Miro worked as a taxi driver and as a food delivery boy in the evenings and would take naps in a train or car before coming in for training during the night session.

“Miro is so dedicated. He came in — we had morning and night classes at Knox pro in California. Miro, he was in both those classes, but in between all that, he was literally bouncing or driving a taxi. Then, he was delivering food on lunch shifts and stuff like that,” Gangrel recalls. “So he would do the morning class. He would work all night, pull in there, get an hour nap in the car, train — and when I trained then, I was like some boot camp stuff. I mean, I was going, “Are you injured or are you hurt?! If you’re hurt, get up! If you’re injured, go to the doctor’s and get a note, c’mon!’ 

Miro’s love and dedication for pro wrestling have truly borne fruit as his current run in AEW finally showcased just how good he can really be. We will have to see who Miro’s next challenger will be and just how long his title reign will last.

h/t to Fightful for the quote.

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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