Current AEW wrestler Matt Hardy is best known for his time in WWE where he spent a large part of his career. Years ago, Hardy, as part of his “Woken” character, joined forces with Bray Wyatt to form a tag team known as The Deleters of Worlds in WWE. The duo even held the Raw Tag Team Championships.

Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt battled each other in a cinematic match at one point which aired on Raw and took place at Hardy’s compound. During a recent virtual signing with Signed By Superstars, Matt Hardy stated that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon did not understand them.

We did have input, but I don’t think Vince [McMahon] got what we were going for. If we would’ve followed what we wanted to do, we were gonna have Bray [Wyatt] kind of be homeless because he lost Abigail and Randy [Orton] burned his stuff down. He was gonna come to the Hardy Compound and we were gonna do a series of vignettes there, as opposed to just wrestlers on the show every week. I felt like that waters down so much. We wanted to do stuff that was gonna be [at] the Hardy Compound that was super entertaining. We had a lot of great stuff in mind but, it is what it is.

After leaving WWE last year, Matt Hardy signed with All Elite Wrestling and made his debut by teleporting to the ring during a segment with Chris Jericho. He hasn’t done anything major in AEW yet, but he is having a good time. He’s also able to showcase his character more since he isn’t creatively constrained.

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