Triple H recently stated that another all-female pay-per-view is not a must-have for WWE during a pre-NXT TakeOver: In Your House conference call as it does not equal equality. He added that if the company were to announce that they’ll be hosting an all-men’s PPV, it would be criticized.

His remarks got a lot of attention on social media with many fans sharing their opinions. Ever since WWE held Evolution back in 2018, a large number of fans, particularly women, have been asking for a second installment of the show, but it looks like it won’t be happening again anytime soon.

During her recent interview with New York Post, Charlotte Flair shared her thoughts on the situation.

“I haven’t, to be honest, heard a lot about it, but I’ve always said this: I want to wrestle on a show with men. I want to be the best of that night, regardless of man or woman. So, did I have a blast at Evolution? One hundred percent. Do I think an all-women’s show is great? Yes. Do I think that we need an all-women’s show to have that platform to highlight and showcase what we can do? No. Just go out there on a Raw or a SmackDown or NXT and show that you’re the best no matter gender. Do I think it’s great? Yes. Would it be exciting? Yes. But do I think it’s something that has to be done? No, because I want to be on a card where there are eight, nine, 10 matches with men and women and go, ‘Heh, I’m the best that night.’”

As per Charlotte Flair, she prefers to compete on a show with men and women’s matches on the card. WWE Evolution was a history-making night, and it gave many women a platform to shine, but both Charlotte and Triple H are right in saying that another all-women’s show isn’t necessary right now.

Israel Lutete

Wrestling fan by choice and writer by passion

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