Every one of us has had one or more embarrassing moments in our lives that occasionally comes back to haunt us. It’s even worse when it happens in front of more than a thousand people and you have to redo it two more times. That’s something most of us will thankfully never have to go through in our lifetime, unless you happen to be a WWE Superstar.

During her appearance on the Wilde On podcast, former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Nikki Cross recalled some of her most embarrassing moments in her wrestling career. One of them occurred during a dark segment on NXT TakeOver when she was a part of SAnitY.

“It was a TakeOver in Toronto and it wasn’t live though. It was a section that they record before it goes live and it gets aired on NXT a few days later and I was to be a part of SAnitY, run out, hit No Way Jose with a dropkick to the back and this is my big moment. Coming off the top rope and I missed. I f’ing missed, so I come up to the top and it was a bad idea. I misjudged it and I just missed him but then because it was pre-recorded, they were like, ‘Okay, go up and do it a second time’ and then the second time, my teammates held Jose because they were like, they thought it would help me.”

“It was an awesome dropkick but when you pre-record something like that, you need to go into it the same way so the first time they did it, they weren’t holding Jose, so then I had to do it a third time and by this point, the crowd are just crickets. They are like, ‘What is going on? There’s something so weird and she’s so crazy, she just keeps going because I was playing that character that was a little bit wild, a little bit unpredictable so they were like, ‘Is this just part of her character? Is she just dropkicking from the same rope three times?’ So the third time, I just felt horrible.”

Luckily for Nikki Cross, it didn’t take place live, or else her big moment would’ve been ruined even more. However, she is still the most successful person to come out of the group. She is also the only member from SAnitY who currently competes on the main roster.

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