Triple H is the man you need to speak with if you want anything done in NXT. He is also a very busy man and a lot of people want to get his attention. The Game’s time is divided between producing a show and dealing with talent. That can make getting his ear a bit of an awkward situation.

While talking to Wrestling Inc, Alexander Wolfe explained how he felt like “a creep” before the final time he spoke with Triple H. He had to stand off about ten yards and keep an eye on Triple H at all times, waiting for his moment to get The King of King’s ear for a moment. This was a bit awkward for him, because English isn’t his first language and he also wasn’t as good with talking to Triple H as others.

“I always felt treated well and treated right because he’s a guy who likes to talk with people. He is always open for conversation when he has to time, but again, I will not. I always feel weird, especially the last time I tried to talk to him. I felt like a freaking creep because I was always standing in the back just waiting for the moment. ‘Okay, is free he now?’ And I tried to read the person. ‘Is he in the mood to talk or should I do it the next week or something?’ So at first, I looked like a creep just standing 10 yards behind him always looking for an opportunity, but I feel uncomfortable doing that.”

“I was trying to figure out where we’re going with the story, but it is how it is. I know for example, EY (Eric Young) had a better relationship with him, and that was cool for me. Also, English is not my first language, and a lot of times I stumble over my words. Sometimes the conversation is not as fun as you would speak with a native English speaking person.”

Alexander Wolfe is now free to do as he pleases now. He is still under a bit of a non-compete clause, but those are only 30 days in NXT. We’ll never know how things could have been different if Wolfe was more comfortable speaking to Triple H, but that last communication was a bit awkward.

What’s your take on this situation? Would you be shy around Triple H? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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