Ted DiBiase started showing up in NXT to compliment Cameron Grimes’ new money-loving rich man gimmick. That escalated quickly when LA Knight got involved.

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A ladder match was booked for NXT TakeOver: In Your House between Cameron Grimes and LA Knight. The winner of that match would become the new Million Dollar Champion.

Ted DiBiase was in the Capitol Wrestling Center as they walked the Million Dollar Title out to the ring. Then the legendary title was lifted high above the ring as Grimes and Knight started their battle to climb a ladder and claim their prize.

This was a brutal match and both competitors took a fair amount of punishment. The ladder was used as a weapon on many occasions.

The Capitol Wrestling Center was on fire for this match as well. LA Knight and Cameron Grimes both got great reactions. Grimes was the overwhelming babyface, but the crowd was super responsive for each punishing bump.

Finally, Cameron Grimes grabbed the golden ladder at the entrance ramp and dragged it to the ring. Grimes was stopped at the top of the ladder and they battled. Then LA Knight knocked the ladder over and they continued from there.

LA Knight eventually put together a multiple ladder setup on the ramp, complete with a bridge from a ladder to the ropes. Then they continued to battle, including Cameron Grimes nailing a splash while hanging off of the lighting rig.

In the end, just as Cameron Grimes was about to capture the Million Dollar Title, LA Knight tipped the ladder over and Grimes went smashing through the bridging ladder. That was a disgusting fall.

LA Knight then claimed the Million Dollar Title. Cameron Grimes was incredibly over in that match, but LA Knight is now the Million Dollar Champion.

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