WWE NXT Superstars have a lot of eyes on them and one recent post from Jessi Kamea brought a ton of attention. It wasn’t the kind of attention she was really looking for.

Kamea posted an apology on Twitter after she received criticism over wearing a t-shirt in a tweet today. She tweeted out photos while sporting a t-shirt that said: “End Racism Make Mixed Babies.” Some fans didn’t like that at all.

The tweet was deleted after she received some backlash for her post. She then posted an apology to explain her tweet and the t-shirt she was wearing that seemed to offend people.

Hey everyone! I just wanted to apologize about the t-shirt post I recently took down. I didn’t realize it would offend so many people and affect so many in such a negative way. My intention with the post was to support a friend and also support the message of Ending Racism. I’m a mixed baby, and I’m very proud of all my heritages so the shirt looked cool to me. I’m shocked and enlightened by all of your responses, thank you. I hope y’all have a nice day.


We’ll have to see if Jessi Kamea is a bit more careful next time before tweeting out something that could trigger people. You never know what will set off a storm of controversy on Twitter. Jessi Kamea really learned a bit about social media today. She also handled the situation very well with her explanation.

What’s your take on Jessi Kamea’s tweet? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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