WWE is seemingly set to release some major names this week. That will go along with the ten Superstar releases on April 15th, the NXT cuts, and the over 60 employees that the company axed last week. Firing people from the company during a transition is nothing new and Triple H even did it when taking over NXT.

While talking to Wrestle Slam, Enzo Amore discussed how his entry into NXT came during a big transition of power. Triple H had just gained control of the developmental system and he fired Dr. Tom Prichard to bring in Bill DeMott. Other releases happened as he said they “fired a lot of talent” to make way for a changing of the guard.

Pro wrestling was a new setting for Enzo Amore and he didn’t know that a ‘drill sergeant” like Bill DeMott did not run things the way many would operate a training program. Still, DeMott kept his position of power in NXT for quite some time.

“I just thought I was so green they didn’t wanna throw me into the fire,” Enzo recalled. “But they threw me right into the fire and I had to learn how to wrestle right in front of everyone’s eyes, it was unbelievable. I think when you look back on it, I came into a class with 26-30 people into the WWE. Walked through the door with a big class and Bill DeMott, brand new head coach. First recruitment class of Triple H. So Triple H, this is his first recruitment class, we’d held off on hires for a few months now, and the reason we were holding off on hires is because there is gonna be a transition of office. They are taking Dr. Tom, Tom Pritchard and they are bringing in Bill DeMott. When they bring in Bill DeMott he’s a drill sergeant.”


“They are bringing in this big class of recruitments and they are gonna fire a lot of talent because Triple H and Bill DeMott brand new staff. Triple H is now the head of talent development, we haven’t created a performance center and its old school Florida Championship Wrestling. I tried out in front of Dr. Tom, Dusty Rhodes, Steve Keirn, Norman Smiley and Joey Mercury. Dusty Rhodes was the guy that gave me the nod and got me hired. Now I walk in the door and Bill DeMott is the head coach and it’s straight drill work baby and it was weeding out the herd. And I understood why they brought in a coach like that to say if you are weak minded if you can’t take a sh*t sandwich and learn to taste it, you aren’t going to make it in this business. They fired a lot of people man. My name was always on the chopping block and was never a guarantee so I would show up at 5:30am waiting on the steps for Bill and I am pretty sure that was the reason he hated me most.”

Triple H is still running NXT, but Bill DeMott was fired a while ago. Now Matt Bloom heads up the brand’s training and everyone seems to be much happier with the way the former Prince Albert runs things instead. Enzo Amore is not with WWE anymore either, but he still has plenty of stories to tell.

What’s your take on WWE firing so many people during a transitional period? Sound off in the comments!

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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