WWE announced the hiring of three new executives today. They followed that up by revealing three new board members. This came during a time when the company is still reeling following massive cuts. Some members of the media are calling them out for this.

Jon Alba saw this news and he commented on WWE hiring Jamie Horowitz specifically. This was a controversial choice, but it was also followed by plenty of fans making their own assertions about WWE hiring high-profile members to their executive team after so many firings.

Wow. #WWE just announced the hire of Jamie Horowitz, a successful but controversial name in the sports media landscape. The innovator behind First Take among other shows…and the breather of life for Skip Bayless, of course.

Horowitz is known for his debate-show style of television in the sporting world. He also had a big hand in Skip Bayless’ career. He later left FOX Sports 1 after allegations of misconduct in the workplace. He later went to DAZN after his departure from FS1.


Robert O’Neill commented to say, “Choosing to work with Jamie Horowitz is certainly a decision.” The company doesn’t tend to keep people around for an extreme amount of time, and they aren’t opposed to firing longtime employees either. We will have to see how long these new hires last in the company.

The decision to beef up their executive branch following widespread releases is also receiving a lot of criticism within the fan base. We will have to see how things pan out in this instance.

What’s your take on WWE bringing in new executives and board members after last week’s huge cuts? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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