WWE is getting back on the road and they want to make sure that their Superstars are sharp for the live fans. Vince McMahon ordered that Superstars need to report to the Performance Center for additional training.

We previously reported that additional training for Superstars could begin as early as this week. The edict was handed down before RAW this week, and most think it came directly from Vince McMahon.

PW Insider reports that a number of Superstars are looking forward to getting “back to normal” after a year off the road. They aren’t 100% thrilled about rolling around in the ring on their day off, but they are willing to do what it takes to get back to the road.

Everyone on the roster, from top names on down, will be asked to take part in the workouts.  One talent joked they weren’t thrilled about having to roll around in the ring on an “off day” but that if this brought the 


It appears that everyone is going to take part in those workouts. It isn’t clear if anyone is immune to this order because it seems to be a blanket directive across the entire roster. We’ll have to see if we get any additional reports from those training sessions.

WWE has set their sights on a return to the road, and now they are making sure that their Superstars are ready for a return to the unpredictable travel schedule that could be ahead of them.

How do you feel about WWE Superstars going in for additional training? Sound off in the comments!

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