WWE has many stories going around and one recent rumor was really picking up steam. Now that rumor has been addressed and cleared up, but there is likely way more to this story.

The rumor floating around is that someone found a hidden phone in a bathroom. This phone contained some “less than savory” files according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. It was reported that a wrestler hid that phone before it was found.

This story got out this week, but it is reportedly not recent. The wrestler who hid the phone is also reportedly no longer with the company. This reportedly actually took place at a party several years ago, but WWE management is just now hearing about it. It was not noted if this phone was found in the bathroom of the party.

It was actually something at a party several years ago at the residence of a wrestler who is not with the company (not related to this at all) and as far as the person who owned the phone and was doing so, a number of wrestlers have known this story for years but it wasn’t until fairly recently that management found out the story when a major star went to management and that wrestler is also no longer with the company


You never know what can happen in WWE. There are a lot of different characters in the locker room and apparently, one of them liked dirty pictures. We’ll have to see if any names leak out in this situation. As of this writing, it seems that whoever was responsible for the situation is long gone.

Who do you think was responsible for the camera phone full of dirty photos? Sound off in the comments!

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