WWE cut over 60 people this week, most of the cuts fell to the television production and digital department. Now one division exists called WWE Media, overseen by Kevin Dunn. Those cuts were a bit strange for some employees.

It was noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that some employees expressed dismay over the recent releases. One person close to the producers group said that they are already short-handed after the cuts last year and “can’t afford to let people go in that department.”

WWE also reportedly just promoted a “referral fee program” for employees to recommend people to the company to hire. Then they made huge cuts.

Another person noted that the company froze raises and promotions, but then last week they promoted a referral fee program for existing employees to recommend potential new hires, and then a week later made significant cuts of employees. Lots of people who have been with the company a long time were let go in this round


The company seems to be done firing people for now, but it is a very interesting situation. WWE fired a lot of longtime employees this week, people who might have been making a substantial amount of money. If they can fill those roles with a cheaper workforce then that would certainly help their precious bottom line.

WWE President Nick Khan has been making a lot of changes. He also took over for the international divisions after big cuts overseas. The rumor is that WWE could be gearing up for a sale. Forming a more streamlined internal structure for the company might make it a bit more attractive for a potential buyer. We will have to see how this situation turns out, but WWE is seemingly evolving right now.

What’s your take on this situation? Why do you think WWE made so many changes this week? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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