WWE held another round of male tryouts recently, but their doctrine has changed a bit. They are now looking for a different type of Superstar.

The company wanted athleticism and indie wrestling talent before. Now their direction has reportedly shifted to an older idea. They want new big men in the company to mix in with the current roster.

It was noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that WWE changed directive when it comes to their talent search. They are looking for “younger and bigger guys again.” This is a change from the previous idea to snatch up hot indie stars to freshen up the NXT brand.

While there will always be exceptions, when it comes to trying out talent, the directive from above has changed, wanting younger and bigger guys again, which was the only doctrine that got changed when they wanted to take the ROH thunder years ago when ROH got hot and was after the great workers who were often smaller, not necessarily old but not young (as defined as mid-20s or younger).


WWE is hitting the road again and they need big men to draw in the crowds. That is apparently Vince McMahon’s idea. We will have to see how many younger and bigger guys the company pulls in.

With WWE looking for younger and bigger guys again, one has to wonder how great of a time Wardlow will have once his AEW contract nears its conclusion. Jim Ross has already compared him to Batista.

What’s your take on WWE’s change of direction? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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