Randy Orton is a true veteran in the pro wrestling world as he has competed inside the squared circle for almost two decades. While Orton is seen as a locker room leader now, he used to be a very problematic individual early on in his career.

Randy Orton is also known to be a prankster and not take himself seriously, which is on full display in his social media posts. AEW star Trent recently took to Twitter and uploaded a photo of a newly purchased green Xbox controller, which is the same colour of his ring gear.

Due to this, Trent then said someone should take a dump in his bag as he deserves it. Randy Orton saw this tweet and decided to reply to it in a cheeky way as he simply used a thinking emoji to acknowledge an infamous prank associated with him.

i bought an x box controller that’s the same color as my wrestling gear someone please shit in my bag I deserve it

Randy Orton referenced the infamous rumor that he had defecated in the bag of former WWE Superstar Rochelle Loewen, who spoke out against Orton’s behavior towards women back in 2005. Rochelle alleged that Orton vandalized her belongings and might have defecated in her bag.

Naturally, fans and pro wrestlers caught the reference as well and had hilarious reactions to that as well. Randy Orton has certainly grown a lot as a person since his earlier days as a brash, cocky WWE Superstar and everyone is certainly glad about that.

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