WWE has a lot going on right now and the staff who remain are lucky to be there. The company axed a lot of people yesterday, consolidating several departments into one division under Kevin Dunn’s control. The International Offices also saw cuts as Nick Khan took over those responsibilities to ensure a streamlined vision. They had a meeting about this today, but it was nothing out of the originary.

Wrestle Votes tweeted out that WWE hosted an internal meeting with “power players.” It was said to be “status quo.” Nothing of real substance was spoken about, but the point is that the meeting took place in the first place.

This tweet was followed by a second where it was called to attention that a “reassurance meeting” needed to take place during a time after they just fired a lot of people.

After yesterday’s layoffs, I’m told WWE hosted an internal conference today with most of the “power players” including Nick Khan. While the meeting was said to be organized well, it contained nothing of real substance. So status quo.


For the “wHy eVeN tWeeT tHis tHeN” crowd… the point of the tweet was to mention that WWE held a “reassurance meeting” after many people got laid off and afterwards, current employees feel no more assured of anything. So that crowd can 1. Unfollow and 2. Stick to the newz sites.

WWE will continue running their organization however they see fit. Nick Khan’s power in the company only grew this week. Kevin Dunn’s power over television production also exploded this week. Now we will have to see where it goes from here.

The company is looking at their product in a much different way as they continue racking up endless hours of programming, valued at an incredibly high amount. That is paying off for board members and executives, but employees are not seeing that reward.

Bonuses and raises were axed this year due to “budget cuts” around the time that record profits were announced. Some employees might not like the situation, but at least they still have a job within the company.

What’s your take on this whole situation? Is WWE becoming a faceless company? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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