WWE Superstars are not in a union, and that is the source of a big controversy. Many fans believe that they should be in the Screen Actors Guild, and the SAG-AFTRA Union event agrees. RVD was able to give a very good reason why they shouldn’t join a union.

RVD made it clear recently that he loves Vince McMahon, but he thinks that John Oliver is “an asshole.” That is due to Oliver’s focus on WWE during Last Week Tonight. Click here to watch that cover story he did on WWE.

One fan fired off a tweet to Rob Van Dam saying that WWE Superstars should be in a union. The Whole F’n Show responded to this by explaining that if WWE Superstars were in a union then they wouldn’t be permitted to work non-union gigs anyway. Then he wondered if all indie wrestlers should join a union as well.

I wonder if these geniuses realize that union members aren’t allowed to work non-union. So if WWE is SAG, and ASW at the Raleigh fair is non union, wrestlers still couldn’t work for them. And vis versa. You know this, smarks? Where are the lines drawn? ALL Indy companies=union?


I’ve paid my SAG and AFTRA dues for 30 years. That’s a yes. Do you think they give us insurance before we earn it? They do not. It comes as you reach a high level of income. Before you say it, Top level wrestlers can be covered any way they want. K. Done with you, wall

We’ll have to see if WWE ever allows a union to form within their company. It doesn’t look likely as any talk of unionization is typically shut down in a hurry. RVD also made a valid point to ask where the line should be drawn if wrestlers do join a union, because adding union and non-union gigs to the pro wrestling world would certainly complicate things.

Should pro wrestlers join a union? Sound off in the comments!

Felix Upton

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