David Arquette and Nick Gage had battle that made headlines when it took place. The Scream actor wanted to have a deathmatch against The King, but he had no idea what he was getting into. That match left Arquette cut up and angry.

While speaking to Insight with Chris Van Vliet, Nick Gage revealed that he didn’t let Arquette use that footage for free. When he got a call about using that footage in the “You Cannot Kill David Arquette” documentary, Gage wanted to get paid.

David Arquette wasn’t paying for footage to put in his documentary, but they really needed that deathmatch video. In the end, they struck a deal and Nick Gage got a king sized mattress out of the deal that he hasn’t even used yet.

“He called my house a couple of times for he wanted to use the footage for a documentary and I asked for some money and he told me he don’t give money out for documentaries so I said ‘Alright, bye.’ Then he kept calling and then his wife called and I said ‘Well, What, are you gonna pay me?’ Why are you going to use my footage and I’m pretty sure you guys you’re gonna make money off his documentary. So what they did is instead of that they gave me a gift and they sent me a king-size mattress. So that’s what I got out of it.’”


“It’s a little weird, you know? I still have not opened it to this day. It’s still in my house. I like my bed right now so I want to keep it in the thing oh, so when my bed goes, I have a new king size mattress bed from David Arquette.”

Nick Gage received a big spotlight with the Dark Side of the Ring episode dedicated to him. Gage is also not done wrestling at all as he has a brewing and violent ongoing feud with Jon Moxley. We will have to wait for that match to go down, but there will likely be a lot of hardcore moment sin store for that matchup.

If anything, Gage knows that he will be able to sleep a lot better at night after letting David Arquette use that footage.

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