Sami Zayn drew a lot of attention when he tweeted out several messages against Israel’s actions in Palestine. He started with #FreePalestine, but then it snowballed into tweeting at Andrew Yang where he seemed to call him a “soulless piece of sh*t politician.”

WWE, FOX and NBCU all received messages from pro-Israel groups about Zayn’s online comments. This caused quite a controversy, and now those tweets are gone. In case you need refresher, Zayn tweeted out saying:

“There is no viable moral defense for stealing people’s homes based on their ethnicity.” 

The former IC Champion also responded to Andrew Yang’s pro-Israel message. You can see a screenshot of that angrily-worded tweet below.


Zayn has quietly deleted his tweets about Palestine, but the message was certainly heard. Plenty of fans are now aware of the situation in the Middle East when they might not have been without Zayn’s tweets.

It was noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the messages from pro-Israel groups did not receive a response from WWE, FOX, or NBCU. It is unclear what caused Sami Zayn to remove those tweets.

Felix Upton

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