Mickie James is no longer in WWE, but there is a chance that she might still be around if she took a job offer that the company sent down. They wanted her to become a producer, but she rejected that invitation.

During Figure Four Online, Lance Storm spoke about Mickie James’ departure. He didn’t see it as an insult that they wanted to move James to a producer role. If anything, WWE needs more smart women behind the scenes to represent females in that regard.

“There was a comment that I saw that her being offered the producer job was deemed by many people as, ‘Put her out to pasture because she’s too old.’  She’s 41, and they offered her a backstage producer role. I was 35 and there was the urge to move me into a trainer’s role. So, it’s not the, ‘Women are old, get them off TV.’ I don’t think that’s what it is.”

“I firmly believe, and I would go so far as to say that I know this, that they do want women representatives in as many areas of the company as they can. Sarah Stock was the only female producer they had, and she got let go when I did back at the start of the pandemic. I would imagine that they’re looking to find a female producer so it’s not just all men. I can’t think of a single woman in the business that I think would be better suited or more qualified for that producer role than Mickie. I would deem that offer, or that push to move her into a producer role, as a huge compliment, not an insult.”


Mickie James didn’t want to become a producer in WWE. She fought to wrestle instead, but they didn’t find a place for her. She was eventually released, but that’s only the beginning of the story.

Following James’ release from WWE, she sparked a huge controversy over a trash bag care package that they sent her. Mark Carrano was fired after that photo went viral.

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