WWE Superstars are attractive for a lot of movie makers because they’re used to nailing everyone on the first take. The Rock, John Cena, Batista and more have taken a leap into Hollywood, but The Viper seems to be very happy in WWE.

While speaking to the Kurt Angle podcast, Randy Orton went into the possibility of leaving WWE for Hollywood. He’s no stranger to acting and he’s been in some WWE Studios projects. The idea of moving to Hollywood or New York to pursue a career in acting is not something that he wants to do, because he’s happy in WWE.

“A lot of guys, I see branching off and doing other things; making sure they have something lined up for when they can’t wrestle anymore. I do not know if this is showing my cards or not, but I kind of see myself being with WWE for life.”

“I don’t know why I would go anywhere else. Who knows what the future holds? Although I love movies and auditions, I don’t think acting is my passion. I’m not trying to move to Hollywood or New York and be a full-time actor.”

“The way Batista and Cena did it is they used WWE as a jumping board to go into Hollywood and all that stuff. I think I’m happy with my place in the WWE right now. The money is good, the talent is good, the locker room is great, and I have a good relationship with all the people that are in charge. I don’t see why I would change that. I only see all of those different variables getting better over the coming years.”

Randy Orton is a third generation Superstar and it appears that he will remain that way. You can never count out The Viper taking a great opportunity to act in a smaller role, but he’s not looking to make a full-time jump to acting, especially if that means leaving WWE behind.

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