Velvet Sky is not one to hold her tongue and she recently lashed out in a big way at a podcaster. She was paid to do an interview on Joe Whatta Day’s podcast, but she didn’t think a signed photo was part of the deal.

Joe Whatta Day commented on a post from Sky saying, “Still waiting for that paid’s been over two months. I know you haven’t been to town in a while yet your traveling??” This caused Velvet Sky to lose it. She said that the photo was in the mail.

Enough!!!!! The f*cking photo is in the mail!! You paid for the interview. You got the interview. I have never had someone harass me this much over a f*cking photo.

Velvet Sky later addressed the entire situation with a few tweets. She explained that the interview was paid, but she wasn’t told about a signed photo. Now she claims that Joe Whatta Day is harassing her every day over the photo.

She also included a screenshot from an email with the podcaster where he admitted to forgetting about asking for a photo, but then he requested one.

I don’t like to put people on blast, but any wrestlers who get contacted by @JoeWhattaDay to do his “podcast” I suggest you don’t. The most unprofessional person I have dealt with in ages. Asks me to do a paid podcast, pays me for podcast and then harasses me daily about a photo.

The photo was never part of the paid Podcast agreement. He’s now making it seem like he paid me for the photo. He paid me for the podcast, I have all the emails to back that up. He asked me for the photo the day of the podcast after he already paid me for the podcast. Never again

Let me also add that when he asked me the day of the podcast to send him the photo, I agreed to it, I had no problem sending a photo, but since I didn’t send it out immediately, the tweets and emails of harassing me about a fucking photo have been beyond ridiculous. Like bro…

It doesn’t appear that Joe Whatta Day was phase by this blast from Velvet Sky. He tweeted out an animated gif about throwing money away in response to Bully Ray’s remark about Velvet Sky’s tweet.

Joe Whatta Day paid for an interview, and now he will likely make doubly sure that he also requests a photo to hang in his studio. You can check out the tweets below.

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