WWE will sometimes change up someone’s look for a new character. Shaving off your entire beard is a big step because it takes a while to grow back. Steve Cutler was all in to change up his appearance if it got him on television. Sadly, he wasn’t long for WWE after that.

While speaking with Fightful, Steve Cutler explained how his transformation into a Knight of the Lone Wolf took place. Cutler and Wesley Blake were both desperately looking for something to do. Then King Corbin opened up an opportunity. They were to become his heavies on screen and protect him. That didn’t work out as Cutler was soon fired after catching COVID-19.

Corbin hit us up to give us his idea of we were going to be henchmen. Hitmen almost. Not such henchmen, but hitman-esque. So, we started brainstorming ideas and getting ideas for looks. Two of the looks we showed up to TV once we were there, once was a suit with the hoodies, the other was polo shirt, tight, nice looking like the Hitman character in the video games. Of course we go in there, we’re still long hair, full beard. It was great ‘cause it’s Bruce Prichard, Vince McMahon and then you hear Vince go, ‘Bruce, what do you like?’ He goes, ‘I like that one,’ and of course it’s not the one that I’m wearing, which is the Hitman outfit we liked and we thought was cool, which was the suit and the hoodie. Today’s generation of the NBA dressing of how NBA players were dressing up to games. Alright, whatever, we’ll make it work.”

That new character was a change, and it also called for a new look. Cutler explained how that process turned out and then he revealed how shaving his beard caused some backstage ribbing as well.

“Then he’s goes, ‘The beard’s. Gone.’ I’m like, ‘Alright.’ Yeah. Changed completely. I like it because I look ten years younger again. But, it’s just funny how you show up, we’re fully haired and beard and Cesaro’s the first one to see us, laughing. ‘Oh, my God.’ We’re like, ‘Yeah.’ I think it was cool for us ‘cause it gave us something new, completely different from where we were going and I was excited for it. Okay, now it’s got me brainstorming, creating. It was fun ‘cause now I’m sitting there, getting creative again. My juices are flowing and everything, and you know. COVID hit me.”

Steve Cutler is still within his 90-day non-compete clause, but it is ticking down. We’ll have to see where he ends up next because his abilities were never truly tapped by WWE due to one obstacle after another getting in his way.

Felix Upton

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