There are many stories in pro wrestling and Dark Side of the Ring is helping tell many of those tales. It turns out that one story that has gone around for years isn’t true, according to one of the people who was actually there.

During his My World podcast, Jeff Jarrett denied that a shouting match ever took place. He also rejected the idea that Shane McMahon was ready to fight him during the confrontation as Bob Holly wrote about in his book.

“No [there was no shouting match]. So, this is where… that’s crazy. What’s kind of mesmerizing to me… Bob Holly, not just Bob Holly, but Bob Holly’s editor thought it was important enough to their book to put that in his book. Completely incorrect, not factual at all, but here we are still talking about it. The context of that is a little amusing to me, I’ll say. But no [that did not happen].”

In his book, Hardcore Truth, The: The Bob Holly Story, about this event from his own perspective. He allegedly witnessed a lot of yelling and cursing between Double J and Vince McMahon. This also included Shane McMahon cussing Jarrett out and he was “ready to beat the sh*t out of him” as well.

“He [Jeff Jarrett] walked into the arena for the pay-per-view without his gear and went straight to Vince. Backstage, we could all hear them yelling in Vince’s office. Jeff was demanding that Vince pay him all the money he was owed from previous events and the money for the match he was going to do that night, or he wasn’t going to go to the ring. Shane, Vince’s son, was really vocal. He was cussing Jeff out and was ready to beat the sh*t out of him. Jeff is a mild-mannered guy who wouldn’t fight anybody, so he just sat there and held his ground.”

Jeff Jarrett is now a backstage producer for WWE. It stands to reason why he wouldn’t cop to a story about cussing out the man who still signs his paychecks. It is now Bob Holly’s word against Jeff Jarrett’s account of the events. It also might be up to which story you want to believe at this point.

Felix Upton

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