Jimmy Korderas spent years wearing a referee uniform for WWE and he knows a thing or two about calling the action in the ring. He watches AEW every week and has several critics for those referees. That doesn’t mean he’s burying anyone.

During a recent Reffin’ Rant, Jimmy Korderas opened up about an accusation that he heard concerning his constructive criticism of AEW. He explained that it’s not about burying AEW officials. He simply wants them to improve and better the overall product.

“Yesterday on Busted Open Radio they had a guest who mentioned that the head official in AEW thinks that I am burying them on my Reffin’ Rants here. I am not burying them. I am critiquing. I am calling them out for stuff that I learned over the years. I’m not trying to get myself noticed. I’m trying to get the product better because when the product is better then the business is better overall. I don’t want them to fail. I want them to be better, that’s all.”

A competent referee can make or break a match. Jimmy Korderas hasn’t received any offer from AEW that we’re aware of, but he might be happy to stop by Jacksonville and spend some time with their referees. It might just pay off in a big way.

Transcription by Ringside News

Felix Upton

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