AEW signed Chris Jericho as their first big capture in the pro wrestling landscape. He carried the company on his back for the first part of Dynamite’s history and now he is watching all of their hard work pay off. Le Champion will be front and center for Blood & Guts this Wednesday. He will also have a brand new job title.

While speaking on Sunday Night’s Main Event, Chris Jericho said that he is now “Senior Advisor to the CEO” of AEW. It’s not clear if this role comes with a huge pay bonus, but it’s hard to imagine it came without some additional perks for Le Champion.

“I think I literally have a position, Senior Advisor to the CEO, I’m not kidding. There was a time with EVPs and everything, I was like, ‘I don’t want to have anything to do with it’. These guys are doing a lot of work at the beginning with finding sponsors, going to Cracker Barrel, helping book towns, doing all this stuff. I didn’t want anything to do with that. On the creative side of things, I worry about Chris Jericho’s storyline first and foremost, I don’t know if I have a lot of say. Obviously, Tony is the boss and that’s one thing that has really grown and I knew it from the start. A lot of guys thought, ‘Oh, we’re a big committee and team’. No, there needs to be one boss and that’s Tony Khan. Then you file down from there. If Tony looks at a certain section and asks my advice or opinion, I’ll give my feedback. An advisor is a great way to explain what I do for AEW. Not just for Tony Khan, but for a lot of guys.”

Chris Jericho has been there throughout AEW’s history so far to provide a sounding board for many ideas. His opinion is obviously valued in AEW and now he has an official title to prove that he has Tony Khan’s ear directly.

Felix Upton

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