WWE fans have waged a debate for years about how certain moves are overdone. The Superkick is a chief offender as practically every wrestler does this move as part of their bag of tricks in the ring.

Lance Storm commented on WWE’s video of Shawn Michaels Superkicking Shelton Benjamin out of the air by saying that it is still “one of the best finishes ever.”

One fan drew Lance Storm’s attention when he replied: “No disrespect to anyone still using the superkick as a finisher, but its so common to see this several times a match and wrestlers not sell it at all. Different times, different results, but from a consumer eyes, if the superkick cant slow down a match, hard to see it finish one.”

Storm then brought up how UFC fighters can land several punches and none of them are a knockout until one finally does the job.

Yet in UFC (a real fight) you can see 100 right hands land in a fight that aren’t a “finish” and then a right hand knocks a dude out cold and is.

Lance Storm’s response has received some praise as it makes sense out of the situation. It’s hard to disagree that fans see the Superkick all the time, but it’s not always the finisher. Then again, most strikes in “real fighting” don’t bring a KO either.

Felix Upton

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