WWE has a lot of women on the roster, but only so many segments on television. Some are in support of an all-female brand for Vince McMahon’s company and Mick Foley just sent out a tweet in favor of that idea.

Mickie James already revealed that she pulled for an all-female WWE brand. That obviously didn’t happen. The company ignored all of her other pitches as well.

Mick Foley had a lot to say about the subject as he sent out a tweet addressed to Vince McMahon himself. He said that WWE needs an all-female brand before AEW beats them to the idea.

Dear Vince,

An all women’s brand NEEDS to happen in @WWE

Unless you want @AEW to beat you to the punch.

Sincerely, Mick


We’ll have to see what happens in this situation. AEW has a ton of women on their roster as well, but they are mostly getting that first exposure on television right now. There is a lot of women’s wrestling to be had, and a brand specifically for them might help out a lot.

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