Jim Johnston was responsible for composing some of the most iconic pro wrestling entrance tracks in history. His final song for WWE was an ironic one, to say the least.

While speaking to Insight with Chris Van Vliet, Jim Johnston revealed that his final WWE theme song was Baron Corbin’s “End Of Days.” That song is really catchy and it stuck with Corbin for a while. He has since stopped using it as WWE made so many Johnston tracks disappear.

WWE moved Jim Johnston out of the company to make room for CFO$. They have since stopped working with CFO$ as well.

“I wrote quite a few things, but they weren’t being used because I was being politically squashed. It was “End of Days” for Baron Corbin. Which was very apropos, if you look at the lyrics, there’s always something personal to the themes. A lot of the times it’s very personal. Baron’s was purely an epic I’m bringing end of days on you, it’s very biographical. Also I’m talking about the end is coming, I’m bowing out. The big goodbye was my end of days. There’s a lot of stuff in there, anger and disappointment. But that happened a lot. I wrote “No Chance In Hell” when I was really angry with Vince. It was a literal telling of what I saw, you have no chance against this guy. He doesn’t play by the rules.”

Jim Johnston does not have that high of an opinion when it comes to current pro wrestling entrance music in WWE and AEW. He would have liked it if AEW gave him a call, and it kind of blows his mind that never happened.

Johnston is also not holding his breath on a WWE Hall of Fame induction. That doesn’t make his contributions any less monumental to pro wrestling history.

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