Chelsea Green was called out for not crediting a fan for their art. When she was asked to give them credit, Green decided to delete her five-day old post instead. This caused quite a lot of controversy.

Green saw her notifications explode with fans accusing her of not giving fans credit for their art. She then wrote a reactionary response and posted it on Twitter the next morning.

Along with a caption that read: “Artists, I love & respect you guys. Please read,” Chelsea Green also included a graphic with the following text:

It’s super unfortunate how this has been handled. I think artists deserve credit. Period. After reading some of the nasty tweets, I didn’t feel reposting the art was something that I should do as clearly the artists view of me had soured. I support my artists. I pay my artists. I have been doing that since I started on the independent scene because I myself was a starving artist & I know the struggle. It’s really sad that an oversight on my part has lead to this, but I wish the artist luck and I think it’s best that I stick to the artists who I have used in the past and who know the person I am.

Chelsea Green said that she pays her artists, but she didn’t add a Twitter mention in that situation which caused such backlash. We’ll have to see if she learns her lesson and is more careful about posting fan art in the future.

H Jenkins

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