Pro wrestling fans don’t forget, especially when you’re talking about an epic botch. Former WWE Superstar Cameron knows that all too well.

A clip of Cameron botching a pinfall attempt is still getting shared around. Her signature splits into a legdrop didn’t work into a pinning combo because her opponent was on her stomach.

One fan tweeted this botch out to remind Ariane Andrew about her mistake from all those years ago. This is when she decided to speak her mind on the matter.

I f*cked up the move so what is your point exactly? Move on & put your energy toward something worth-while bc unless your making $ coming for me what is it doing for u?! Last time I checked that hasn’t stopped me from buying a home all by myself, my businesses & the list goes on

We’ll have to see if Andrew’s response will help fans forget about that botch. At least she was able to buy a home and start a business. She suggests that this fan move on and maybe that’s for the best all around.

H Jenkins

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