Lex Luger was a big surprise during the first episode of WCW Nitro. He appeared in the crowd and some thought he was just shopping at the Mall of America. He was not, because Luger jumped ship from WWE to WCW without telling anyone.

While speaking to Sean Waltman’s Pro Wrestling 4 Life podcast, Lex Luger admitted that he now regrets leaving WWE like that. He didn’t even tell Vince McMahon and that was a decision he wishes he could have back.

“It was hard to keep a secret, so Eric wanted to be totally secret to leave. I was still negotiating on a handshake to stay in WWE, and for me to walk out there and not give any notice to Vince, looking back now, I wish I hadn’t done that. I did what I thought was best at the time for my career. Me, myself, and I. Hopefully if I’d have done it again, I wouldn’t have done that to Vince. I felt, even back then, felt really bad about that.”

Lex Luger is not in the WWE Hall of Fame, and there could be a reason for that. Vince McMahon really appreciates loyalty and skipping out on their handshake deal was not a good way to do business. We’ll have to see if that ever changes because there are plenty who believe that Lex deserves in the HOF. All these years later, he certainly regrets his decision to leave like he did.

Felix Upton

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