Chelsea Green was released from her WWE contract this week. Some fans were a bit shocked by that because she had just signed a new deal with the company.

WWE has a pretty strict rule about profanity on social media. Randy Orton is allowed to use the F-Word, but he’s Randy Orton. Chelsea Green obviously couldn’t use all the words she wanted to online.

Green tweeted out to say that “I have zero shame.” This was followed by RJ City replying: “Especially when it comes to owing me $10.” This is a long-running joke between the two because apparently, Green refuses to pay up.

Chelsea Green threatened to expose some DMs between herself and RJ City only discover that he was chatting with “vanish mode” on. This led Green to reply in a way that mocked her former employer’s social media policy.

You mother…….. wait, I can say it now…. F*CKER

We censored the word, but Green did not because she doesn’t have to anymore.

Chelsea Green seems to be enjoying her freedom already. We’ll have to see what she does with it next.

Felix Upton

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