Steve Austin and Vince McMahon were a part of many iconic moments in WWE. A fan favorite will always remain the moment when McMahon first took a Stone Cold Stunner and sold it like a wet fish. Prior to that Stunner, Austin also dropped a huge piece of information.

During the Broken Skull Sessions, Steve Austin spoke about outing Vince McMahon as owner of WWE. Prior to that, Vince McMahon was a man on commentary. Smarter fans knew the deal, but the greater fan base hadn’t been told that Vince McMahon was the puppet master in the company.

“I kind of outed him on one time. I think it was The Garden. It might have been the night I Stunned him. Vince, he’s talking about whoever the president of the company was. I said, ‘Everybody knows you’re the one writing all the checks around here. You’re the guy that’s really doing all this.’ He was already on that swing anyway to being Mr. McMahon.”

“He’s real interesting Chris because as long as you’ve been in the company, you know that when you go there, you have this reverence, and you always have this respect for Vince, but the more you work with him and at the higher level that you are on the card, the closer you become with the guy because you’re really in this together, and it’s a collaborative effort.”

“They’re giving you time, money and investing TV time in you, and they’re paying you, but this is your job. So it’s a joint effort for someone to strap a rocket ship to your back, and you have to be able to be smart enough to navigate all the sh*t that you’ve got to go through, to make right decisions [and] to be able to get monster over.”

Vince McMahon and Steve Austin have a much different relationship now. McMahon won’t even pick up the Texas Rattlesnake’s phone calls. We’ll have to see if they are able to reconnect, but they likely won’t be as close as those days when the two were going at it tooth and nail on Monday Night RAW.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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