Steve Austin entered WWE as The Ringmaster, and he made the most out of the gimmick. He eventually went a different direction and became one of the most influential icons in pop culture during the Attitude Era. Things might have been different for him if that Ringmaster gimmick wasn’t given to Austin.

While speaking to Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast, Adam Bomb revealed that WWE considered giving him the Ringmaster gimmick instead. He ended up picking the Adam Bomb gimmick over the Ringmaster and that was later given to Austin.

“I remember trying out and getting hired. Then, they basically sent me home and said they were going to come up with something for me. They pitched a couple things to me and Adam Bomb was the one that I chose, but they also pitched me ‘The Ringmaster’ gimmick. They sent me two choices and I picked Adam Bomb. If I look, I could probably find it somewhere.  People are like, ‘That’s b.s’  Look, they trademarked it in ’93. Check the trademarks. I don’t care if you believe me or not. I got tired of defending it, but those were the two gimmicks I was offered and I went with Adam Bomb because I just felt like I could do a lot more with it.”

Some might not believe that WWE gave Adam Bomb his choice of gimmicks. He claims that the story is true.

WWE history might have been much different if Adam Bomb decided that day that he liked the Ringmaster gimmick more. Then Steve Austin might have been introduced under a totally different set of circumstances.

Felix Upton

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