Impact Wrestling’s Hardcore Justice pay-per-view is going down tonight and Ringside News has got you covered with live results coverage.

The main show will kick off at 3:00 PM and match by match coverage of the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any reactions from the show in the comment below. The card for tonight is as follows:

  • IMPACT Knockouts Title vs. Jazz’s Career: Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs. Jazz
  • IMPACT Knockouts Title Number One Contender’s Weapons Match: Jordynne Grace vs. Havok vs. Susan vs. Tenille Dashwood vs. Rosemary vs. Alisha Edwards
  • Hardcore War: Violent By Design vs. Tommy Dreamer and three Mystery Partners
  • Ace Austin & Mystery Partner vs. Josh Alexander & Mystery Partner vs. TJP & Mystery Partner
  • Doc Gallows vs. Black Taurus
  • Chairly Legal Match: Shera vs. Hernandez
  • Hardcore Blindfold Match: Brian Myers vs. Jake Something

A video package of Eric Young and Tommy Dreamer opens the PPV. First out is Ace Austin with his tag partner Mad Man Fulton. TJP is next with his partner Fallah Bahh. Josh Alexander is last up and his partner is… Petey Williams.

Ace Austin & Mad Man Fulton vs Josh Alexander & Petey Williams vs TJP & Fallah Bahh

Alexander and Bahh start the match, Alexander controls the arm, Bahh slams him down. Alexander with strikes to no avail. Bahh runs through a chop and a clothesline and powers Alexander to the mat. Bahh with chest strikes and a headbutt. Alexnader picks the leg and tags in Williams.

TJP tags in. Lock up, waistlock, go behind, Williams with a huricanrana, and another. Williams with a dropkick to the back, 2 count. TJP blocks a suplex, locks in an octopus. Ace Austin tags in, strikes back and forth, TJP takes down armbar, then an armbreaker. Bahh tags in, Fulton strikes Bahh, Austin takes back control. Fulton tags in, clubing blows to Bahh. Austin tags in, teamwork assault from Austin and Fulton, 2 count. Bahh powers out of the corner, Fulton takes down TJP. Williams tags in, Russian Leg Sweep, 2 count.

Williams with a TKO, 2 count. Alexander tags in, double team, Code Breaker, Suplex, 2 count. Alexander works the arm, Austin with an knee. Fulton tags in, huge powerslam, 2 count. Austin tags in, snake eyes into a leg drop, 2 count. Austin with a headlock, Alexander fights out, knee from Austin, Alexander caught in the ropes, helicopter leg drop, 2 count. Williams distracts Austin, Austin kicks, Williams, Alexnader with a powerslam.

TJP with a springboard crossbody. Tornado DDT, Bahh with a crossbody, TJP with a bodyslam into the mambo splash, 2 count. Alexander tags in, huge right hand to Austin, Williams with a sharpshooter, Alexander blocks Fulton, locks in an ankle lock. TJP locks in an abdominal stretch on Williams. Williams with a powerbomb, Fulton breaks up Canadian destroyer. Fulton with a double chokeslam. Bahh charges him out of the ring. TJP boot wash on Alexander Bahh with an assisted splash. Samoan drop to Alexander, TJP with a mambo splash, Williams with a Canadian Destroyer. Alexander with an ankle lock for the victory.

Josh Alexander & Petey Williams win.

Matt Striker and D-Lo Brown run down tonight’s card.

Shera makes his way to the ring. Hernandez is next out.

Chairly Legal Match: Shera vs. Hernandez

Lock up to start, double shoulder blocks. Hernandez kicks to the gut, Shera powers Hernandez down. Shera with strikes in the corner. Shera mocks Hernandez, Hernandez slams Shera into the ropes, Hernandez gets a chair, Shera blocks it, clotheslines in the corner. Shera with a bodyslam on the chair, 2 count. Hernandez rolls outside and gets another chair. Hernandez hits Shera with the chair in the midsection and the back. Hernandez sets up some chairs on the ramp, Shera big boots Hernandez over the chairs.

Shera hits Hernandez in the back with the chair. Back in the ring, Shera sets up 2 chairs next to each other. Hernandez body slams Shera through the chairs. Hernandez sets up a chair in the corner. Chops in the corner, Shera whipped hard into the opposite corner. Hernandez slams Shera’s face into the chair, 2 count. Hernandez sets up another chair in the corner. Hernandez with low kicks in the corner. Hernandez works over the legs, clubbing blows to the head. Shera with a heavy clothesline. Shera with a spinebuster for the 2 count.

Hernandez hit in the back with a chair twice. Shera sent into the ring post, Hernandez sends multiple chairs into the ring. On the top, Shera hits a Superplex onto the chairs, 2 count. They just about hit that. Hernandez pops up throughs Shera into the chairs in all three corners. Hernandez attacked from behind by Rohit Raju, Shera takes the advantage and gets the 3.

Shera wins.

Backstage in Swingers club, Sabin and Storm are playing cards. Storm challenges them to a drinking match. Matt Cardona asks if they are taking bets. Tommy Dreamer comes out from being a painting, makes a match between Swinger and Cardona in a Crate American match,

Good Brothers music plays to bring out Gallows and Anderson. The lights go out to bring out Decay. Crazzy Steve accompanies Black Taurus to the ring.

Doc Gallows vs. Black Taurus

Gallows misses a big boot, Taurus hits a kick to the head, Taurus with a dragon screw in the ropes. Gallows with a huge clothesline. Right hands from Gallows, whipped into the corner. Headbutt from Gallows, big right hand. Taurus fights out with shots to the midsection, Gallows sends him out of the ring. Gallows with a big boot, 2 count. Taurus with an enziguri, Gallows with an uppercut. Anderson strikes Taurus in the ropes.

Gallows with a suplex, 2 count. Gallows locks in a headlock. Gallows with a righthand, sends Taurus out of the ring. Taurus whipped into the barricade. Gallows with clubbing blows to the back. Back in the ring, Gallows with a power elbow, 2 count. Elbows to the sternum into a chinlock. Leg drop from Gallows, 2 count. Gallows throws up 2 sweet. Taurus with strikes to the gut, Gallows hits a big boot in retaliation. Gallows with a stomp, then a splash, 2 count.

Taurus fights out of a submission, Gallows sends him to the mat. Big bodyslam from Gallows for the 2 count. Another headlock from Gallows. Gallows with a big headbutt, Taurus with a spinning headbutt from the top, Taurus with a 619 into a missile dropkick, 2 count. Taurus with kicks to the leg, Anderson distracts Taurus, Steve fights him off, Gallows hits the Gallows Pole for the victory.

Doc Gallows wins.

Violent by Design video package, Eric Young says the Hardcore War with belong to them. Johnny Swinger makes his way to the ring, accompanied by the Swingerellas, for the mystery crate match. Each crate has a different weapon in it. Matt Cardona is out next.

Mystery Crate Match: Matt Cardona vs Johnny Swinger

Swinger offers an handshake then runs for a crate, Cardona gets a rollup for a 2 count. Swinger with a kick to the midsection, Swinger begs off in the corner. Lock up, Swinger with an armdrag and a strut. Shows off to the Swingerellas. Swinger with a full nelson. Cardona powers out and a high knee, Cardona with a strut of his own, Swinger pushes Cardona, low blow behind the refs back. Swinger kicks low again, elbow to the back of the head, 1 count. elbow drop, 2 count. Swinger goes to the crate and gets a Scott Hall framed photograph…

Swinger chokes Cardona, referee stops it. Swinger knocks Cardona off the apron into the barricade. Swinger drops Cardona on the ropes, 2 count. Swinger with an elbow drop. Swinger goes for the second crate, Cardona blocks it with a jawbreaker. Cardona goes for the crate, elbow to Swinger, Swinger throws him off the ropes. Swinger gets the crate, its a mousetrap, Cardona with a clothesline. Cardone with high knees into a missile dropkick. Cardona with a splash in the corner, 2 count.

Swinger gets a headlock into a shoulder block, both men bump heads, double down. Cardona gets the 3rd crate, Swinger gets the 4th, its brass knucks, Cardona ducks under hits the leg lariat for the victory.

Matt Carona wins.

Cardone takes the 3rd crate with him.

Flashback Moment of the Week from 2010’s Hardcore Justice, RVD vs Sabu.

In Swingers club, Storm wins a drinking contest. Sami Callihan makes his way to the ring. Sami says there is a common misconception about Sami Callihan, he’s not a bad guy. He brought out the passion of Trey Miguel. He can get Trey Miguel to the next level. Passion isn’t about waiting around, it about taking what you want. He makes an open challenge. Sam Beale answers the challenge and makes his way to the ring.

Sami Callihan vs Sam Beale

Beale misses a dropkick, Sami hits a huge clothesline. Beale with a strike, Sami hits a big boot, into a swinging neckbreaker. Sami with an armbar, joint manipulation on his fingers, biting the fingers. Beale thrown out of the ring. Chop from Sami. Beale fire back with some shots to no effect, Sami with a huge suplex on the outside. Beale gets in the ring before the 10 count. Beale with an inside cradle for the 2, school boy for the 2, Sami with a big boot, into the package piledriver for the victory.

Sami Callihan wins.

Video package from Brian Myers vs Jake Something. Brian Myers is out first. Jake Something is out next.

Hardcore Blindfold Match: Brian Myers vs. Jake Something

The ref puts a blindfold on both men. The blindfolds are big black bags covering the whole head. Both men cant find each other. They bump into each others back. Myers grabs the ref accidentally, Something find him, Myers runs out of the ring, grabbing a trash can lid, hits Something over the head with it, Myers finds a pipes, chokes Something with it, slams somethings head into the ring apron. Myers fins a cooking sheets, hits Something with it. Myers with a chinlock.

Something with elbows to the midsection, Myers with a TKO, tries to cover Something but he is on his front. Myers goes for a DDT, Myers rolls through, Something picks him out of a slam, 2 count. Something with a clothesline with wrist control, another clothesline, another clothesline. Myers throws the ref into Soemthing, takes off his blindfold, kicks Something in the midsection. Matt Cardona comes out with the crate from earlier. Cardona throws the crate to Something, Something hits Myers with the crate, action figures fly out of the crate, Something hits the black hole slam and gets the 3.

Jakes Something wins.

Tommy Dreamer is backstage, he will die with his dream team, Rich Swann says Rebellion will be the biggest match of his life but when Dreamer made the call, he will go into the ring, because they are a sickness. They have the fire and determination.

Rosemary is out first for the Weapons match. Tennile Dashwood is next accompanied by Kaleb with a K. Jordynne Grace is next. Alisha out next. Havoc follows and lastly out comes Susan. Su Yung returns! Yung surprise attacks Susan, apparently taking her place.

IMPACT Knockouts Title Number One Contender’s Weapons Match: Jordynne Grace vs. Havok vs. Tenille Dashwood vs. Rosemary vs. Alisha Edwards vs. Su Yung

Tenille rolls out fo the ring, Alisha tries a surprise pin on Grace. Havoc, Yung and Rosemary try an alliance, Yung attacks them both. Havoc and Rosemarys with strikes back and forth, double clothesline. Grace with clubbing blows ot Alisha, Dashwood, distracts Grace, Grace attacks Dashwood, Dashwood with a drop toe hold into the steel steps.

Alisha staples Dashwood on the rear. Everybody circles Dashwood. Kaleb gets in the ring to protect her. Alisha staples him. Everybody attacks Kaleb. Alisha with a tornado DDt to Kaleb, Kaleb knocked out of the ring. Havoc punches a weapon out of Alisha hand, Havoc with a leg drop for a 2 count. Grace and Alisha with strikes back and forth. Body slam, Grace with a sidewalk slam on the trashcan, 2 count as Yung breaks the pin.

Yung with a palm strike to Grace, wedges a chair in the corner. Yung sends Grace into the chair. Rosemary strangles Yung with a cable. Yung and Rosemary clothesline Havoc with the cable. Grace attacks Rosemary. Rosemary with teh tarantula. Rosemary gets a bag of thumbtacks, spreads them on the outside. Rosemary drags Alisha, Alisha slams Rosemary onto the tacks. Alisha hits Rosemary with a kendo stick. Yung with the mandible claw.

Grace and Havoc in the ring, evenly matched. Havoc goes to the top. Neveah throws powder in Havoc’s face, Grace takes advantage with a Vader bomb, 2 count. Kaleb drags her out the ring, Dashwood steals the pins for the victory.

Tenille Dashwood wins.

In Swings club, Storm wins the drinking contest. Storm suggests Beer Pong. A fight breaks out. Storm gets the ball in the cup..

Video package of Jazz vs Purrazzo. Jazz is out first. The match will be under old school rules. The Champion is out next.

IMPACT Knockouts Title vs. Jazz’s Career: Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs. Jazz

Lock up to start. Break in the corner, Jazz with stomps in the corner. Purrazzo with an elbow, Jazz with a big superkick for the 2 count. Purrazzo works the arm. Jazz with a forearm, big clotheslines. Purrazzo begs off outside. Purrazzo takes advantage, slingshot into the bottom rope. Purrazzo leg drop on the arm. cover for a 2 count. Purrazzo with an armbar. Jazz with forearms, uppercut, Purrazzo with a TKO, 2 count. Purrazzo stays on the arm.

Purrazzo with a submission in the ropes, Jazz locked into the ropes, Purrazzo with a basement dropkick, Jazz falls to the outside. Purrazzo with stomps to Jazz, clothesline for the 2 count. Jazz fights out, Purrazzo with a knee to the midsection. Jazz with strikes, drives Purrazzo out of the ring. They brawl on the outside. Purrazzo driven into the ring post. Jazz gets a chair. Throws a trash can lid into the ring.

Jazz with strikes, kick to the gut, X factor for the 2 count. Purrazzo with a Russian leg sweep, attempts the armbar, Jazz gets to the ropes. Purrazzo picks up the belt, Jazz ducks under, Jazz with a Samoan drop, Jazz gets the chair, hits Purrazzo in the midsection, then the back, again on the back. DDT on the chair, 2 count! Jazz goes for a double underhook, Purrazzo fights out, pump kick from Purrazzo, exploder suplex. Purrazzo with the Queen Gambit for the victory.

Deonna Purrazzo wins. Jazz must retire.

Jordynne Grace comes out to console Jazz, they hug in the ring. Grace raises Jazz’s hand.

Commentary runs down the rules of the Hardcore War. Backstage, Tommy Dreamer has been attacked. Doctor says he cannot wrestle.

Eddie Edwards music plays he is the first man for Team Dreamer, Deaner is the first man for Violent by Design.

Hardcore War: Violent By Design vs. Tommy Dreamer(?), Eddie Edwards, Rich Swann and Willie Mack

Eddie attacks right off the bell, they brawl on the outside. Edwards with shots to the midsection. Deaner with right hands. In the ring, Deaner takes the advantage with shots in the corner. Edwards with an atomic drop and a belly to belly. Edwards gets a chair, Deaner attacks, Deaner with a bodyslam. Edwards with a clothesline and elbows. Edwards with a backpack stunner. Countdown…

Next entrant is Rhino!

Rhino has a kendo stick. Deaner attacks Edwards from behind, they both attack Edwards. Rhino holds Edwards, Deaner hits him with a chair. They slam Edwards head into the chair. Edwards tries to fight back to no avail. Deaner chokes Edwards with the kendo stick. Countdown…

Next entrant is Willie Mack!

Mack has a chain and a kendo stick. Hits Rhino with the chain, Double clothesline with the chain on Deaner. Edwards get the Kendo stick, hits Deaner in the front and back with the kendo stick. Edwards get a toaster, Mack hits Deaner with it. Countdown…

Next entrant is Joe Doering!

Doering runs wild on Mack and Edwards, dominating both men. Deaner hits Edwards with a cooking sheet. Rhino chokes Edwards with the chain. Deaner puts Mack’s fingers in the toaster. Countdown…

Next entrant is Rich Swann!

Swann has a table and a traffic sign, low blows Doering, hits him with the traffic sign. Swann runs wild, hits Rhino with the sign. Swann chokes Rhino with the chain. Rich Swann tells Edwards to “get the tables” . Countdown…

Next Entrant is Eric Young!

Young has a hockey stick, hits Mack with it, hits Swann with it, chokes Mack with the hockey stick. Violent by Design dominate. Young breaks the hockey stick over the barricade, Edwards got out the way. Young and Deaner attack Mack. Countdown…

Replacing Dreamer is Trey Miguel!

Miguel runs wild with a golf stick. Miguel dominates, Doering gets in his face, Miguel with a suicide dive on VBD, Doering with a huge crossbody. Doering directs traffic, gets a table. Doering and Rhino set the table up in the corner. Edwards is back with kendo stick shots to Doering, Doering sent out of the ring by an Edwardas clothesline.

Young shuts down Edwards, Deaner with a DDT on Mack, Swann with a cutter to Deaner, Rhino gore/powerslam Swann through the table, 2 count. Tower of Doom in the corner, Edwards, Swann and Mack and Miguel, Doering with a powerbomb, triple suplex from the top rope. Doering with a clothesline to Mack. Doering with elbows to Edwards, sets up Edwards on the table. Miguel with a meteora on Doering through the table.

Mack is circled in the ring, Rhino with a shot ot the midsection, Mack with a TKO on Deaner, 2 count. Deaner hits Mack with the trashcan lid, Young hits a piledriver for the victory!

Violent by Design wins.

Hardcore Justice ends as Violent by Design celebrate on the stage.

Martin Dickinson

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