Ricochet wrestled all around the indies before making his way to WWE. He even took part in some hardcore antics that you won’t see him participating in during any of Vince McMahon’s programs.

The One and Only saw a tweet from Mikey, an indie wrestler who locked up with him back in the day. This tweet included a video showing Mikey whacking Ricochet with a light tube when he least expected it.

The caption to the video said that he smashed Ricochet with the light tube during his first match “for absolutely no reason.” That was pretty hardcore if you ask Ricochet.

“Bahahaha!! E C Dub!!!” was the reply that the former WWE U.S. Champion tweeted out in response. He doesn’t have to take light tube spots in WWE, but at least he seemed to be seeing much more time in the ring back on those old indie shows.

Hopefully, WWE will start using Ricochet much more often. If anything, he always has memories from the indies.

H Jenkins

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