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Tonight’s RAW is the final episode before WrestleMania 2021 and that means we should be in for something pretty big. We know all of the matches for the two nights of WrestleMania, and the big showdown on night one is Drew McIntyre Vs. Bobby Lashley for the WWE Championship. For reasons almost no-one can understand, WWE decided to break-up The Hurt Business last week, and tonight Lashley will face Cedric Alexander one-on-one, after he beat Shelton Benjamin last week. Meanwhile Drew McIntyre will face Baron Corbin in a singles match after Corbin attacked Drew last week on behalf of Lashley.

Last week Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax took umbridge with Rhea Ripley coming up and immediately getting a title shot at WrestleMania, so tonight The Nightmare and The Empress team up to take them on. Meanwhile Xavier Woods faces AJ Styles in a one-on-one, which serves as a teaser for New Day Vs. Styles & Omos at WrestleMania. Beyond that we don’t know much about tonight’s RAW, but we expect more from Riddle and Sheamus, as well as Braun Strowman and Shane McMahon.

So that’s the rundown for tonight’s RAW. It’s going to be a long, exciting week in the wrestling world and we’ve got you covered all the way. Hit that refresh button below, let us know your thoughts in the comments, and enjoy the show!


The go-home edition of WWE RAW opens with the Scottish warrior, Drew McIntyre coming to the ring wearing more Scotland clothing than the national soccer team. We see replays of McIntyre being attacked by King Corbin and Bobby Lashley last week.

McIntyre says it’s only five days until WrestleMania and he can’t help but thin how unique last year’s was. Fast forward to now and he’s back in the same position. Drew says whether Lashley likes it or not, their match is happening at ‘Mania. It’ll be the biggest fight of their lives and he can’t wait. McIntyre says his and Lashley’s stories are remarkably similar but they’re completely different people. And the biggest difference is the amount Drew is willing to sacrifice. Unlike Lashley he’s never had the luxury of going home on the weekends, he’s been on this grind since he was 22 years old. Drew recounts a story of his mother going through cancer and him not being able to go home. He kept fighting, sacrificing everything. That’s why Lashley can’t beat him. Tonight he’ll run through Corbin, then stick his boot in Lashley’s face and end the All Mighty era.

MVP and Lashley come out. Lashley asks Drew if he’s done yet, everyone is tired of hearing Drew’s climb to the top. Unfortunately only one of them can be on top and his time is over. Lashley says Drew was great but it’s the All Mighty era and that’s all there is to it. Lashley says everyone is afraid of the Scottish warrior but last week, when he got Drew in the Hurt Lock, he saw fear and felt him tremble as he passed out. McIntyre asks him to get in the ring and try it again but MVP says that’s not how it works. This only happens on Saturday, where Drew will lose his dignity, his consciousness, and the match. McIntyre disagrees and says he will run Lashley down and take his title back. MVP says that’s a lot of big talk, considering Drew might not even make it to WrestleMania, and out comes King Corbin.

Corbin says he started something last week and tonight he will finish it. Corbin tells Drew he needs to come to grips with the fact that he won’t be making it to WrestleMania and he won’t get near the WWE Championship, because tonight he kicks his ass. Lashley, MVP, and King Corbin leave as Drew stares on.

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Xavier Woods and Kofi are backstage and up rides Riddle, who starts talking about how big and strong Omos is. Riddle says he’s never seen anyone as high as Kofi got last week when Omos tossed him over the barricade. Kofi says he hopes nobody’s that high on Saturday. They ask Riddle about Sheamus and he says he’s stinky, then mentions he’ll have to deal with Mustafa Ali as well. Riddle rides off and Kofi asks if he’s high, then if he and Woods are high because he’s craving cookies.

Xavier Woods W/Kofi Kingston Vs. aj sTYLES W/OMOS

The match gets underway and they lock-up but Styles quickly whips Woods to the ropes and hits a high hip-toss. Styles locks in the Calf Crusher and Woods looks to tap but Kofi gets on the microphone and tells Omos he gave them his best and they’re still standing. Kofi throws his mic at Omos and runs through the ring to get away. Omos givs chases and Styles releases the submission. Woods rolls-up Styles for the win.

Winner: Xavier Woods

Damian Priest and Bad Bunny arrrive at the arena in a $3 million white Bugatti. They get out and march through the arena.

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Braun Strowman comes to the ring where a cage is set up, and we see a long video package chronicling the entire feud between him and Shane McMahon. Strowman says he’s had to deal with bullies his whole life. People who had preconceived notions about who he is and what he’s about. Shane did it, coming out here with a fake report card and calling him stupid, but he doesn’t know what he got himself into. When Shane gets inside the cage and the door locks, the running ends. Braun’s going to destroy Shane, not just for himself, but for everyone who’s ever been called stupid, told they couldn’t succeed, or been bullied. Shane will be going in a body bag after he gets the hands.

Shane McMahon comes out dancing and smiling. Shane says Braun’s so angry and he doesn’t know why. Shane says he allowed Braun to choose the match type because he wanted to test if he’s any more intelligent than he was in the 5th grade. Well he has to admit, the steel cage is a pretty smart choice. Hell, some would even call Braun the favourite. However he’s a McMahon and he will outsmart Braun and beat him. And the next day Braun will have to admit to himself he really is stupid. Out comes Elias and Ryker, Braun has to beat them both, next!

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2-On-1 Handicap Match

Braun Strowman Vs. Elias & Jaxson Ryker

The match begins as soon as we return and Braun starts battering both guys. Braun knocks Elias from the ring and beats on Ryker. Jaxson grabs Braun’s leg and holds him in place, allowing Elias to hit a leaping knee. Elias and Ryker hit a double back suplex. Elias beats Braun on the mat until Ryker hits a diving headbutt, then Ryker holds him down so Elias can hit a flying elbow drop.

They both cover Braun but he still kicks out. Shane starts coming down to the ring, taking his jacket off, just as Braun throws both Elias and Jaxson off. Braun puts both in the corner and splashes them. Ryker eats a running powerslam, then Elias as well and Braun pins both at the same time.

Winner: Braun Strowman

John Morrison and The Miz are walking backstage with buckets full of red paint and they’re stopped and asked what it’s for. They say they are artists and they have a masterpiece to perform. They approach Bad Bunny’s Bugatti and cover it in red paint, writing ‘Hey, Hey, Hop Hop’ on the hood.

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Back live and Bad Bunny comes around a corner to find his car and he is horrified. He screams in Spanish but Miz and Morrison then attack him from behind. They throw Bunny over the hood of a nearby car, then Miz drags him across the floor and yells at him that he doesn’t respct him and he will destroy him at WrestleMania. Damian Priest runs up with Adam Pearce and some officials and Miz and Morrison run off.

Rhea Ripley was interviewed earlier today about if she can co-exist with Asuka. Ripley says she doesn’t share strategies in interviews but tonight she’s focused on Jax and Baszler. If Asuka wants revenge she can wait until Sunday. Asuka and Ripley make their entrances.

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Asuka & Rhea Ripley Vs. Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax W/REGINALD

We start the match with Asuka and Baszler locking-up. Baszler takes the wrist but Asuka turns the tables and goes to a headlock. Asuka hits a shoulder tackle and then they shove each other a few times. Asuka hits another shoulder and Shayna falls. Asuka stomps her face a few times, then looks to tag Ripley but she shakes her head. Baszler punches Shayna, then Rhea tags herself in.

Baszler takes Ripley’s back but the Nightmare turns it around and hits a body slam, throwing Shayna across the ring! Jax tags in and comes face-to-face with Ripley and shoves her. Rhea fires back and they trade shots, then Ripley randomly tags Asuka in and climbs out. Jax grabs Asuka but the Champ slides off and kicks her in the gut. Asuka goes to a Black Widow submission but Asuka gets distracted with Rhea and thrown off.

Jax drops Asuka with a body attack, then forces her to the corner for a splash. Nia looks for another but Asuka avoids it and connects with a Codebreaker. Asuka tags Ripley in and she comes in against Shayna and goes to work. Reggie gets on the apron to distract Ripley and it works, allowing Shayna to hit a chop block. Jax tags herself in and drags Rhea under the bottom rope and slams her into the apron.

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Back live and Shayna viciously stomps on Ripley’s ankle. Shayna forces her to the corner and tags Jax for a body slam and an elbow drop. Jax tags Baszler again and she beats her in the corner with hooks, then hits a snapmare and a kick to the back. Baszler goes to a heel hook to continue targeting the ankle. Shayna drops some elbows on the leg, then tags Jax but Rhea is able to drop her and crawl to Asuka.

The Empress tags in against Baszler and comes in hot. Asuka runs over Shayna and goes to the top rope but Ripley punches her off! Rhea Ripley grabs Asuka from behind and lifts her up, then slams her down face-first. Ripley puts Asuka back in the ring and Baszler hits a running knee for the win!

Winners: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler

Rhea Ripley smiles and shouts at Asuka from ringside, saying she’s more than ready. This is her division now.

We see a replay of last week where The Hurt Business dissolved. Lashley wretled Shelton Benjamin and beat him, tonight he faces Cedric Alexander. MVP is standing backstage and Shelton and Cedric appear. Alexander grabs him by the suit and holds him up against a production box. Cedric says MVP called them embarassments but he’s nothing more than a washed-up leech who’s living off of Lashley. Cedric says he might not beat Lashley tonight but he will leave him with a scar. Shelton tells MVP to keep his “crippled ass” out of their business. Sarah Schrieber appears and asks MVP if he’s nervous and he says of course not, he’s never worries about Lashley. He then says Cedric and Shelton are ingrates who wouldn’t even own suits were it not for him. Lashley appears and shous at MVP, then says he will break Cedric in half.

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Baszler, Nia and Reggie are interviewed backstage. On Sunday they will have to defend the Tag Titles against whoever wins the Tag Team Turmoil match on Saturday. Before they can answer, Lana and Naomi appear, then Natalya and Tamina, Mandy and Dana, Ruby and Liv, and finally, Billie Kay who says Carmella is still reviewing her CV. Nia says they don’t have time for this and leaves the four teams arguing.

Bobby Lashley and MVP make their way to the ring. We see a long video package of the entire Lashley/McIntyre/Miz feud. Lashley faces Cedric Alexander after the break.

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Before the match can begin, Shelton and Alexander jump Lashley and beat him down. They force Bobby to the corner and he tries fighting back but they continue battering him. Lashley knocks Cedric back, then knees Benjamin a few times and throws him from the ring. The referee calls for the bell.

Bobby Lashley W/MVP Vs. Cedric Alexander W/Shelton Benjamin

Cedric slips behind Lashley and drills him with forearms but Lashley lifts Cedric and body slams him hard. Bobby clubs Cedric and hits a neckbreaker, then slams him and throws him out of the ring. Cedric tries to jump Lashley but gets thrown off and across the ring. Lashley backs him into the corner and shoulders him. Lashley hits a vertical suplex, then throws him out of the ring again. Lashley goes out and puts Cedric on his shoulders and runs him into the ring post!

*Commercial Break*

Back live and Lashley has Cedric down in a rear chinlock. Alexander fights up but Lashley hits him with a dominator. Bobby lifts Cedric and throws him out of the ring again and goes after. Lashley taunts Shelton, then lifts him up to slam him into the ring post agian but this time Shelton pulls Shelton off. Lashley goes after Shelton but Alexander drops him, then lands two vicious suicide dives against the barricade.

Back in the ring, Cedric hits an enziguiri, then goes to the top rope and hits a missile dropkick for a two-count. Cedric forearms Lashley a few times but gets shoved to the apron. Alexander attempts a rope-assisted DDT but Lashley catches and slams him with a spinebuster. Lashley hits a roll-out dominator, then whips him to the ropes for another spinebuster. Lashley applies The Hurt Lock and Cedric taps but he doesn’t release.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

Shelton rushes in to try and stop Lashley but gets slammed. Lashley applies THe Hurt Lock to Shelton and tosses him aside. MVP comes in and puts the title on Lashley.

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Tomorrow night the Hall of Fame ceremony will air on Peacock and the WWE Network, depending on your country. Wednesday and Thursday night will be NXT TakeOver Night 1 & Night 2. Friday will be a “WrestleMania” edition of SmackDown. Then Saturday and Sunday night will be WrestleMania Night 1 & Night 2. Strap-in for a long week of wrestling folks. 

We see a video package for the Randy Orton/The Fiend feud. The two of them will face-off on Sunday night. 

Bad Bunny and Damian Priest come to the ring. Priest says Miz and Morrison crossed a line tonight. It’s all because Bad Bunny is a music icon and they’re yesterday news. Priest says Miz is a clown who couldn’t hold onto a title for more than a week. Priest says it’s easy to beat-up a man two-on-one, so how about they even up the odds and make it a tag match at WrestleMania? Bunny nods along.

Bunny says he came to WWE believing in his dreams because he loves the business. He used to watch all the shows and every PPV with his family, it’s given him lots of great memories. But now, he doesn’t know how to feel or think. He came to WWE to perform, do his job, and he was grateful for the opportunity. He says for some reason The Miz hasn’t respected him since day one.

Bunny knows he isn’t a wrestler but he’s a man and Miz broke his DJ set, disrespected him and his DJ who is like his brother, attacked him with a guitar, and now he’s defaced his car. Miz crossed the line and he doesn’t know why but he no longer cars. This Sunday he will make them respect him when he shuts Miz’s mouth and whips his ass.

Miz and Morrison appear on the big screen, standing by a limo outside. They sarcastically applaud him, then Miz tells him he doesn’t belong. Miz says WWE is their world and he’s overstayed his welcome. They’re going to embarrass him and the accept the tag team match. Miz and Morrison tell him a limo is the real way to travel and they leave the arena. 

Mustafa Ali is walking backstage when Sheamus stops him. Sheamus says Ali needs to know something about Riddle. Ali says he doesn’t care, he knows Riddle is everything he hates about WWE. He says Riddle is to blame for the downfall of Retribution and he’s going to set things straight. Sheamus says they have one thing in common: a hatred for that idiot. Sheamus says he’ll be in Riddle’s corner tonight so that…Riddle blasts through the middle of them on his scooter and heads to the ring, leaving them staring in disgust. 

*Commercial Break* 

Riddle Vs. Mustafa Ali W/Sheamus

The match gets underway as Sheamus comes down and joins the commentary team. They lock-up and go to a test of strength but Ali sweeps Riddle and takes him down. Riddle catches Ali in a triangle but Ali postures up to gets his shoulders down and Riddle releases to avoid the pin. Riddle grabs Ali with a Kimura but Ali backs him into the corner.

Riddle hits a gutwrench suplex, rolls through and looks for another but Ali breaks away and dropkicks him. Ali grabs a headlock. Riddle eventually wriggles free and throws Ali over the ropes, then flips over to the apron and kicks him in the chest. Riddle grabs Sheamus’ hat and puts it on to taunt the Celtic Warrior, then Ali hits a Zig-Zag on the floor. 

*Commercial Break* 

Ali is stomping Riddle in the corner but Riddle catches the boot and stands up. Riddle shoves Ali back and goes for a sunset flip but Ali rolls through and kicks him. Ali hits a running kick for a two-count. Ali applies a body scissors to try and submit Riddle, even hooking the nose in the process. Riddle gets up with Ali on his back and slams him into the buckles but he doesn’t release, so Riddle leaps into the air and lands on Ali to break it.

Riddle lands some kicks and a Broton, then goes to the pin but Ali counters with a submission. Riddle transitions from the submission to a fisherman buster and a near-fall. Riddle quickly takes a triangle choke but Ali gets his feet on the ropes. Ali snaps Riddle neck-first on the ropes before connecting with a suplex for a two-count. Riddle fights up and kicks Ali to the corner. Ali knocks Riddle back and hits a springboard for a DDT but Riddle catches him and turns it into the Bro-Derek for the win! 

Winner: Riddle

After the match Sheamus stands on the announce desk and shouts at Riddle, who holds the United States Championship up and taunts him. 

Drew McIntyre is interviewed backstage and asks if he is worried about Corbin. Drew says heavy is the head that wears the crown. He says you’d think someone with a head as big as Corbin’s would be smarter than to challenge him. Drew says nobody likes Corbin and he’d step on his own grandmother to get the main event of WrestleMania but tonight he stops him in his tracks. That match is next. 

*Commercial Break* 

Drew McIntyre comes to the ring and the announcers run down the entire WrestleMania card.

Bobby Lashley is backstage watching a monitor as King Corbin comes to the ring. Lashley is asked about whether or not he has a preference for who he faces as WrestleMania. He says he isn’t concerned about who he faces. Lashley says Drew said he’s going to put an almighty beating on him on Saturday night but that’s gonna be hard to do after he puts his ass to sleep.

*Commercial Break*

Drew McIntyre Vs. King Corbin

MVP has joined the commentary team for the main event. The bell rings and they lock-up and struggle for control. Drew forces him to the corner and let’s go. They lock-up again and this time Corbin gets the better of McIntyre and teases him. MVP talks to Drew from ringside and tries to get in his head. Corbin takes a headlock and drags Drew to the ropes. McIntyre shoots him off and drops him with a shoulder, causing Baron to roll outside. 

Corbin comes back in and beats Drew into the corner with right hands. Drew fires back and drops him with a back elbow for a one-count. Drew slams Corbin for a two, then tries to toss him into the ring post but Corbin slides out, then back in for a clothesline. Baron puts Drew in the corner and stands on his throat until the referee counts to four. Corbin gets cocky and slams Drew, then hits a back suplex for a two-count.

McIntyre rallies and runs over Corbin with shoulders and a neckbreaker, then kips-up and stares at MVP. Drew wants a Future Shock DDT but Corbin rolls outside. Drew goes after him but gets tripped on the apron. McIntyre recovers and shoves Corbin into the ring post, then the steel steps. 

*Commercial Break* 

We return in time to see Drew hit a northern lights suplex for a near-fall. Drew and Corbin trade hands but the Scotsman gets the better of it and punches him down. Corbin tosses Drew to the apron and uppercuts him, then throws him into the ring post and Drew tumbles to the floor. MVP encourages Corbin not to admire his work and finish him off because WrestleMania is waiting. Corbin listens to the advice and goes out to slam Drew’s head into the announce desk, then puts him back in the ring. 

Corbin tees-off on McIntyre and shouts in his face. Drew throws some right hands and some chops, then grabs Corbin for a suplex but the King hits his own for a two. Corbin rolls into a crucifix hold and elbows Drew in the face over and over. Drew sits on his knees and swings at Corbin, but then gets caught with a chokeslam. Corbin is getting frustrated and he looks for the out-and-in clothesline again but McIntyre catches him with a spinebuster for a two. McIntyre looks for the Future Shock DDT again but Corbin counters with a sidewalk slam for another two-count.  

MVP stands up and shouts at Corbin if he wants to go to WrestleMania he needs to beat Drew. Corbin lifts McIntyre but gets hit with the Future Shock but kicks out. McIntyre drags himself to the corner and scales the buckles but Corbin hits him. Corbin hits a superplex for a near-fall. They both climb to their feet and trade shots, then McIntyre hits the ropes but gets caught with Deep Six for a near-fall. MVP gets up and tells Corbin to take Drew out and hands him his cane. The referee tries to stop it but Corbin swings and misses. McIntyre hits a Claymore for the win. 

Winner: Drew McIntyre

After the match MVP walks up the ramp and out comes Bobby Lashley. The WWE Champion stands on the ramp and cracks his knuckles as McIntyre stares on. They stare at each other to end this episode of RAW. 

That’s it for this week’s RAW, the final before WrestleMania, what did you think? We’ll have live results coverage of NXT TakeOver on Wednesday and Thursday, as well as SmackDown on Friday before then. So we’ll be seeing you back here a lot this week. Until then, stay safe! 

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