Drew McIntyre is set to get his second marquee match at WrestleMania in two years. This year is much different from the first time around even though some of the situation is the same.

While speaking to Wrasstlin News, Drew McIntyre went into some detail about how different this time around is for him. He was looking to prove himself against Brock Lesnar, and he did just that last year. This year he has a much different goal in mind to raise the WWE Title in front of a live crowd.

“Similar? That’s interesting, I never realized they had the same initials. So you just informed me of that right now. But yeah, it’s interesting. Last year, I was going up against Brock. I was looking to prove to everyone across the world and prove to myself that I belonged at the top of the card and there is no bigger superstar in history, essentially, or more dominant than Brock Lesnar. And I was able to pull off that win in five minutes to show that I belonged. And this year, I spent a year basically as WWE Champion in all these big matches, worked extremely hard in the ring and out of the ring. But I don’t take this match lightly. Like I know Lashley has been working a long time and in the ring and out of the ring, he’s an absolute beast of a man and I am treating it as seriously as you can possibly treat a match. Just like last year, as confident as I am, I’m not gonna go diving in there, looking for claymores within the first minute because I’m sure Lashley is gonna strategy a game plan to catch some submission. Grab my foot or something as I throw it at his face. So yeah, I am treating him with the utmost respect, regardless of my game plan.”

Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley will battle at WrestleMania and the Scottish Warrior is looking to make it another big night. It might be different this time around, but he still wants to result to be the same.

Felix Upton

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