Ahmed Johnson and Mark Henry did not get along much as members of the WWE locker room. The Nation of Domination was too small for both of them as well. This heat apparently carries on even after Johnson’s departure decades ago.

While speaking to UnSKripted, Ahmed Johnson admitted that he doesn’t speak to members of the Nation of Domination anymore. He has talked to Ron Simmons “a few times,” he he continued to make it clear that he has not communicated with D’Lo Brown or Mark Henry. He also referred to Henry as “Magilla Gorilla” in the process.

“Not really. Spoke to Farooq a few times. I don’t talk to Magilla Gorilla (Mark Henry). I definitely don’t talk to D’Lo.”

“I don’t like people who kiss butt. I can’t stand that. I can’t stand that. If you can’t make it on your own talent, don’t be kissing butt, and talking about other people behind their backs and trying to knock somebody else. I don’t like that.”


In case you need a refresher on 1960’s Hanna-Barbera cartoons, the synopsis for Magilla Gorilla is: “The story of the title gorilla who is for sale in a pet shop run by Melvin Peebles. Eager to get rid of the animal, Peebles typically marks down his price and eventually sells him. But the buyers inevitably return Magilla, forcing Peebles to refund their money and leaving Magilla to be purchased again in the next episode.”

We’re not sure how deep Ahmed Johnson wanted to paint that reference by calling Mark Henry that name. It obviously means that there doesn’t seem to be any sign that they are mending their relationship.

Felix Upton

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