Kevin Owens did not win at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. Standing in that pod in the ThunderDome got him to thinking about what a massive undertaking it is to make WWE’s weekly product a reality. He recently dropped a video to say thank you to people who don’t hear it enough.

Owens sat in his car and filmed a video where he thanked those people behind the scenes who don’t get enough credit. The production team and backstage workers keep the show running on a weekly basis. They are taking the same risks as anyone else to carry on through the pandemic, but Superstars get all the credit.

Kevin Owens wanted to take the time to say thank you to to those people that fans never see.

“I started thinking about how there are people out there that work behind the scene in WWE that work so incredibly hard to make all of this happen several times a week, because we produce a lot of TV on a weekly basis, so that we can go out there every week and entertain everyone, and we get the credit. The people behind the scenes they really don’t get enough credit.”


This was a pretty cool video and Kevin Owens didn’t have to do it either. Those workers behind the scenes, who don’t get enough credit, were the same ones who learned that the company isn’t giving out raises or bonuses after wrapping up year with record profits. They did provide stock awards for some, but that didn’t go to everyone.

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